Forgot A Title

I know how to start these. You just start writing and it all works out. You think of the title at the end. It’s a bit like solitaire. If solitaire was anything like writing these blog posts…

3 followers since last post. I’m sure they are completely random people. Either way at this rate I’ll be the next Gangnam style in 2 weeks time.

This post is being written on a phone. Turns out there is a WordPress app so I’m trying it.. cause smart phones. It’s not as good as using a laptop but at least I’ll develop my tapping skills.

It’s very late right now. I can’t fall asleep because my eyes are open. Definitely not publishing this till the morning so don’t get your hopes up. To be honest I’ll probably read this tomorrow and decide that it’s shit and my flatmate wouldn’t approve. I’ll then collapse into hysteria, remove this draft and go burn babies. So you’ll never get to read this and your life will be the exact same as if you had. I’m probably just saying that. I’ll still publish this because I’ll be lazy tomorrow.


Can you tell if you’ll be lazy the next day? I think I can. Maybe it’s like a mutation. I already have slightly webbed fingers so it’s a possibility. Something within your DNA makes you know some things that nobody else knows. Like whether you’ll be lazy the next day. Sort of a harmless mutation. Wouldn’t make it into XMen. Just imagine Xavier’s frown at the interview for his school. He would frown so much you would see the ravines forming on his bold head. I was going to say “that’s how he rolls”, but decided that’s too disrespectful to the handicapped. If I said that without acknowledging how horrible it is, even the old “it’s OK. I have a handicapped friend” wouldn’t bail me out. Especially considering that I don’t..

A part of me feels like I’m overdoing it. Maybe it’s because I’m tired and it’s easier to drift in thoughts. I’m definitely overdoing this now that I read back. It’s not easy though. The problem faced by me is the the fact that you can’t demonstrate things when everyone is watching. Just doesn’t work. Furthermore, there is something fundamentally wrong about blog posts. It’s just not OK for anyone to read this in very much the same way that nobody can read your primary school short story, except for the teacher.

It’s the morning now and I’m back on my laptop. I was right, I’m lazy today.


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