Drunk and High Post

So a few days ago I’ve announced that I’m the funniest when drunk and high. I said that I plan to test that theory out. So here we are. Had a vodka watermelon followed by a good hit. So as the night goes on I’ll write a little. Tomorrow I’ll check the spelling and post the product. Hope you guys buzz off as far into the universe as I do. Sort of really excited for writing this post.

As I type and look around everything is getting and further and further away. I’m a bit of a cactus that’s why I’m not hugging people. Now no ah. Flatmate spray fairies on me and then spill it all through the air and couch. “It’s shit but it’s nice”. I guess that’s just life really. Got to make sure this is not posted before I finish the editing. Every true blogger will edit their letters and make it all stand straight and happy. I thought my laptop turned off but it didn’t. There is speech and I now know that it warmed me on the neck. This is where we chuck them all.

Shortish break my friends. I must not write no more till I’ve rested. This is no gymnasium so no throwing. Oh god they are doing the horrible things on legs!.

Its a club floor and its going on and on until there is nothing left. It’s a metallic factory and it takes me to the sheep. They meow and meow and wow.

They sorry cause they worry about money.

The english is full of words and they don’t get along. This is why here are the office we have all of the above.

Arab blader. This is what we say as we drift it all. Cookies taste like bacon and I just dont know what to like.

Hide yourselves and live your life and don’t bother about the free lows. This is why we daze over the world. There is a castle and I’m just lost in the typing. It’s flying and flying and now she is going into his bed.  That’s not me? It’s not me?

It is time to neatrulise my flatmate. Not nutralised means that the flat is not centralised. He’s is being a centipede.

Break time. I get to live and experience. My flatmate says that pear is a bell end. Why people people be taking drugs. This is why I don’t waste my moneys on drugs. This will all go live. I’m writing a bloggie and I’m writing down what I feel. They now have heard the evidence and I can convict the convicted. Such crimes have been committed. Everything I think I put down here. This is chocolate. And they think it’s funny, but is it the funny one?  And why do you always hate on me?

It’s being neature walk to the forrests and this is pure happy like.

I can speak what I want to. “drungo”. Some people have lube in their brains. central lube. No she doesn’t m8. That girl be mental. whoo who who who whoooo who who whooo who who who. woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo.

Why they touch me? Why they touch me on my friend.  House is flying through the air and now it is time for circles.



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