From Sleep To Hitler

Might read a book. I think I will, but I’ll need to write at least 490 words on here before I do that. I’ve mentioned many times now that I’m a bit of a lazy fuck. Today really beats the record. I’ve actually not done anything and it’s 6pm over here. After this post I will become productive… It’s official.

“I got up in the morning.” That’s how I like starting these things when I share them with people, but a part of me always feels a little uncomfortable because for me getting up in the morning is always past 12 pm. The day is split into 2 12 hour segments and to be honest I am very rarely concious over the 2nd segment. So really my life evolves on a 12 hour clock with frequent 12 hour breaks.

I know there are animals that sleep for like 80% of their lives. Like Koala bears. Koala bears sleep for 20 out of 24 hours. However you look at it, I’m probably distantly related to them. Sleeping is a good thing, a lot of us do not fully appreciate the importance of sleep. When you sleep you can’t worry about the things you have to do. This basically makes sleep a drug-like sort of thing. But it’s a healthy drug so it’s no wonder why we’re all hooked.

Makes me curious if anyone actually uses sleep to escape from responsibility. A lot of people addicted to certain drugs use them as a way out of their stressful lives. But is there anyone who looks at their calendar, sees how much they have on and just goes to sleep instead of drinking themselves away or smoking? It sounds like it would be an ideal solution as it’s a much less harmful. It’s not as rebel or cool though. Everyone sleeps. Imagine walking into a drug recovery centre with a sleep addiction. “How can I help you sir?”. “UHHH, I have a problem with my sleep..”. “Ah, we have a lot of support groups for insomnia and sleep disorders”. “No, my problem is opposite, I sleep too much”. “Oh, well… um.. we have coffee?”. That’s not really a solution though, you’re treating your sleep addiction with another addictive drug. Doesn’t cure you, just makes you addicted to something else. First world problems. No pain no gain I guess.

Hold on, don’t go anywhere. I’m going to Google sleep addiction and see if this an actual thing. If it is I might have to change my post in order to not make fun of people with potentially serious problems. Anyway. I’ll Google it, you can just get a coffee or have a nap or whichever drug you are hooked on.

So, it turns out that there is not actually such thing as sleep addiction. At least it’s not apparent from the first few results. While some people sleep too much (hypersomnia), they are not addicted. They just have a problem. Psychologically, we don’t consider sleep addictive although I think it has the potential. Maybe it’s to do with our society’s attitude towards narcotics which is obviously more negative than it is towards sleep. There is no conclusion here. Best to just blame this on ISIS and get on with our lives.

Look at how much you’ve learned over this post. This blog is where people of the 21st century come for their knowledge. Almost the discovery channel. If only I had the voice of David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman. I could do vlogs and you could all just listen in all day long and become my army of hyper-inteligent beings. I’m going to have to cut this trail of thought right here because I’m starting to sound like Hitler with his super army. I will say this though. I want to wear clothes made of David Attenborough’s or Morgan Freeman’s voice.


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