Cleaners Have The Power

The cleaner has been in. We get between 1 and 2 cleans a week here at the university halls. When I say that, it sounds like we get 1.5 or 1.75 cleans a week. Should have used “either 1 or 2”, but I guess it’s too late now. What would 1.5 of a clean look like. You clean something and then you half clean it the next day. Must make sure that you leave the other half not cleaned. Working as a cleaner would quickly get super complicated as all of the sudden you are having to do complex fractions that involve surface area, time required to clean certain places etc. Makes cleaning a science really.

What is cleaning? Is it closer to a science or to an art. I guess some jobs do not fit in either of these 2 categories. Either way, I would not want to be a cleaner. It’s just not a job I would be good at. I would cheat. Just like little kids cheat when playing Monopoly by stealing money from the bank or nicking peoples hotels. I would cheat with cleaning. I wouldn’t move the microwave to clean under it, nobody would check anyway. I wouldn’t clean under things, or behind them because there is just no point. I would continue to create these excuses for myself until my customers are only getting about 0.5 of a clean every week.

Cleaning can be deadly. Imagine if I cleaned your house for an extended period of time. The result would be a very dirty home. In fact it would probably be more dirty than if you cleaned it yourself. So by employing me as a cleaner you would be letting me damage your health. I could kill you by cleaning for you, in the long run. If you have a cleaner, you owe them a lot. It is by their choice that you are still alive. Who really has the power? The government? Or is it the cleaners?

Our cleaner is very nice, I believe she is Polish and actually so am I. However I’ve not revealed myself yet. This is mainly because I sleep till 12 so I’ve only seen her about twice since September.

On a side note, Game of Thrones! This blog was started on the same day as season 6. And the second episode came out yesterday marking the 1 week anniversary. I still don’t really know what I’m doing on here. And I don’t really know how to write blogs. Maybe I will after week 2. But considering that I would generally say I’m “illiterate”, it’s going pretty well. The readership is rising.

I was going to comment on the 2 episodes of GoT we’ve seen so far. More than 2 major(ish) characters have died. This means that undoubtedly, by the end of this season, none of the cast will be left. It always feels like that though. No matter how many people die in Game of Thrones, there are still more that haven’t yet been killed. I don’t know how they do it. I swear that some the characters must come back to life after everyone has forgotten about their death. They just recycle them like that so they can kill more off. How else would there still be people in the show after 5 seasons of people dying?

Also what the hell is going on with Arya Stark. There is only a certain level of fucked you can get in Game of Thrones before they kill you off. Somehow, she is still alive despite having crossed that “too fucked to save” line. I would say that they forgot about her, but they are actually developing her plot. Maybe we’re just waiting until she gets older before we kill her off. It’s a bit horrible killing off children in TV shows and even Game of Thrones wouldn’t cross that line. Oh wait..


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