Hope… Cough.. Cough.. Plums.. Cough.

So this is something that I’ve not really had a chance to do before. I generally read other people’s blogs to sort of get in the writing vibe before I write anything. Today I stumbled upon this challenge-like thing. So the idea is that this popular blog gives everyone a topic and then people write about it and get referenced on the popular blog. This is great because it will help me on my way to millions. With a few of these, I can probably be as rich as Microsoft over the next few days.

This is the link that I have to post here to participate: Hope

I’m not just doing it for the traffic though. This topic is a very challenging one so I want to see if I can find it in me to… blah blah blah. Nah. The truth is, I’m doing this for traffic. Most participating blogs do it for traffic also. Only they just won’t admit to it. I admit it, which is why I’m the best..

The topic is hope. And to be honest, I was very tempted to skip this one. I don’t usually write any feely content. The sort of stuff where we all sit around a fire and start sobbing onto each other’s shoulders as we discuss how the world doesn’t understand us. Not that I don’t like philosophical thinking. It’s just that I write this blog for fun, and crying isn’t that fun so you see where the issue lies. What is “Hope” and why do I need it?

The answer is that hope is a sort of sticky, gooey thing. It’s a lot like finding a plum that was in your pocket since the last summer. It’s not a plum any more. It is now a bit of mushy matter that probably smells a little worse than you would like it too. That’s basically what hope is. It’s made of old plums and it’s very mushy. This is why you can only get hope in countries that grow plums. The real reason for the European Union is for the possibility of an open plum market where all member countries can trade in hope. Because hope, is made of plums. Post finished..

Nope. I wish I could end it there, it would be funny. Instead I’m going to have to write a little longer to get over my 500 words minimum.

As I write this post I am hoping that people will read it. There it is! The mushy substance has been found on here also. This blog supports the fairtrade of plums so I get hope on here.. The real definition of hope, I guess, is expecting a good outcome, despite it being uncertain. So hope is a little bit of a bitch. You can hope that something works out and find yourself completely fucked over..

But at the same time, you can’t really break up with hope. You need it otherwise you would get nothing done. Like me. I get nothing done. Do you know why? I’ve not eaten a plum for years…

So the conclusion is that you need to eat plums. You really need to. Otherwise you are 10/10 fucked. The “5 fruit a day” campaign has it down. Eat 5 pieces of fruit a day to stay healthy. Make one of those a plum and you will also be filled with hope. Literally.. Hope will be inside you.

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