How To Gender Fluid For Dummies

I’ve set up social media accounts for this blog. I’ve read online that this is what the cool kids do. Since I’m a cool kid, I have to do the same. I’ve never been too big on Facebook (as seen from this post) and I’ve never used Twitter, but now the time has come to change this. The social media accounts will be used for sharing things. Sometimes my posts, sometimes not. I like Twitter more currently. I’m not too confident with Facebook. I have a lot of friends on there who don’t know about this blog. I was very confident before, but I guess this confidence just comes and goes. A bit like periods. Not that I’ve had one. I’ve been alive for 18 years and I’ve still not had a period. People say it’s because of my gender, but I disagree. Gender is a social construct after all.

I always make the “gender is a social construct” reference. I don’t have a problem with people that don’t have the same gender as they had at birth, but there are a few points of confusion when it comes to this whole ordeal. Mainly, when someone decides that they are a gender-fluid. This complicated state is basically a male-female hybrid. So you are not necessarily a male or a female, your gender is a fluid so it all depends on how you are positioned.

Gender Water

Imagine a tube half full of water. On one end we have a female sign, on the other the male sign. This is what being a gender-fluid is. The magical gender water is free to move between both ends and your gender can change. The thing to take from this is, if you have a friend who suddenly changes gender. It may be possible to change them back by simply picking them up and turning them upside down. Like an hourglass. Of course you should be comfortable with your friends gender even when it is a fluid… As long as they don’t splash you with their gender.

If you find your gender to be fluid, but you decide that you would like it to be solid again, what you will have to do is get into a fridge or move to a cooler country. It is common knowledge that the magical gender water will freeze at under 10 degrees centigrade. Once it is frozen, it will no longer splash around and you will be stuck with one gender… Unless it freezes in the middle of the tube. In such scenario you will want to heat up and then try again.

There are certain problems associated with gender fluidity.. Mainly the difficulty with addressing said person. Are they a “he”? Are they a “she”? Are they an “it”? Well the most fitting term is “it”. Unfortunately “it” is used when referring to items and so it would be disrespectful when addressing a gender fluid person.

Gender fluidity has many uses in the field of engineering and construction. Primarily you are able to tell if something is level. Simply put your gender fluidity on said object and have look at the gender air bubble inside the gender glass tube. If the gender air bubble, also knows as the GAB, is in the middle of the GGT (gender glass tube) surrounded by the GW, or gender water, you know that the object is level. Otherwise it is not. It gets better! You can find out which way the object is slanted by looking at which side of the GGT the GAB is at.

Hopefully this post has shined some light on why being a gender fluid is not a bad thing. In fact, just like every thing else, it has it’s pros and cons.

Don’t forget to follow the social media streams.. So far there is Twitter and Facebook. For every follow and like I get on the social media pages, I will be sending yourself and your family a package containing 2.5 new cars, half a house and no less than 14 gender glass tube covers. Each cover is made of authentic fake leather and will protect your GGT from smashing and your GW from spilling out. Can you really miss out on such an opportunity?

Didn’t think so.


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