French Raisin Diets And Creation

There will be 2 blogfesty posts today. This is the first one. The second one will be published at some point after the first one. We tend to follow logic on this blog. This is why the 1st post comes 1st and the 2nd comes 2nd. Weird I know. Actually I think I’ve changed my mind. There might only be this. The future is uncertain.. The topic for this one is “Raison D’être“. Sounds French as fuck and it has some fancy letters and accents in it. It is the reason why people create things, so everyone has their own “Raisasdfsdfsadfas D’ete” which drives them to create things. Here is my take on this..

Sure, those words have a meaning, but to me it is still French… I don’t really agree with the meaning. The word “Raison” is obviously all about raisins.. The word “D’etre” appears to be “diet”. So while everyone thinks that this challenge is all about creation. The reality is that it is about raisin diets. I don’t want to constrain myself too much and this is why I will also write about grape diets. This is legal because raisins are just old and wrinkly grapes. Everyone knows this…

Grapes are awesome. Except for the seedless ones which cannot exist since there are no seeds.. Read all about my rant on seedless grapes on yesterdays post. You can do a lot with grapes. They make great projectiles. They are the right size to fit places such as your belly button.. Generally grapes make great parents and this is why as a people, we like them. Grapes are man’s best friend.

Here is the outline of the best grape diet…

  • Breakfast Have some grapes. Wash down with wine (fermented grapes).
  • Dinner Have some grapes. Wash down with wine.
  • Supper Have some grapes. Wash down with wine.
  • Snacks Chew a few raisins.

Now I know what you are saying.. This is not an easy diet to follow. But you will start seeing the benefits from day one!

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