Money Needs To Start Hurting..

Got an exam tomorrow. I’m about to start revising, but doing a quick last post before then. I guess I must be a bit of a rebel. #crazy. I booked a holiday to Rome today so life is great right now. I don’t spend money easily. If I had a choice I would much rather have it. I like the idea of knowing that I can afford things. I don’t need to prove this to myself by buying anything. Money gets along with me much better when there is plenty of it stored away in my back account. Because of this, I have a keen eye for discounts. “Tesco value” is the reason for my existence and “2 for 1” deals are what I live for. I’m actually the sort of person that could marry a good meal deal offer…

Not everyone likes this sort of behaviour. I tend to put people on edge. I make them feel like they don’t look after their money enough. To be honest they probably don’t feel like that. I just like the idea of having some sort of impact on humanity. Let’s assume that I do make people worry about their spending. Why does this happen?

Well, the answer is simple… Christmas. Santa will not live forever. There will come a time when Santa will have to get into bed with Mrs Claus and make some baby Santas to keep Christmas going. People are scared when they see me. What if the first-born Santa child will have the same attitude towards money as I do? If I had a bag full of stuff and no legal obligation to give it away, I probably wouldn’t. I would sell it and keep the money. I wouldn’t spend it on anything. I would just keep it..

People like me are the cause of the recession. Well.. maybe not the cause, but probably a contributing factor. If everyone was scared of spending money, there would be no circulation in the economy and it would collapse.

The solution would be, to make money unpleasant to have… What if it made you smell bad. What if having money made you smell like shit… I would be very quick to spend mine. Probably be rid of it all within a few days. Better yet.. What if money hurt you.. What if it inflicted physical pain. To make things scary, lets make that pain in the private areas.. You could say that money does hurt more than poverty, but that’s a bit too dark for this blog… If having money hurt me, I would stop having it.

Unfortunately money does not hurt. It does not stink (usually) and the governments seem to be focusing on making the banknotes prettier instead.. Pretty banknotes will not solve this. It will just make greedy fucks like me want more…


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