Music Is A Rainbow Cat

Does music affect how you feel? I think yes.. Why? Why does a happy tune make you more happy when you are excited? And why does a sad tune make you cry when you are sad?  Makes little sense. Music is just patterns in sound waves. There is nothing more to it. Unless physics is lying… What if music is a real living being? What would it like? What does it eat?

This what we will do today. No! I don’t have anything better to do, and neither do you so read on.. If music were an animal, what would it be? Cat, dog, giraffe?

Well, it’s all about appearance. For example you will probably have people in your life, that really resemble some animal. I for example resemble a koala, but nobody except for me sees it. If you ever see someone who looks like a koala, be sure to say hi. If they are me, they will likely look at you and avoid eye contact. They will then throw a smoke bomb like batman, look down, spit on the ground 3 times. Do 3 press-ups and run away… That’s just how I handle relationships with other people. And yes, it is a press-up. Just because I never lift my body off the ground does not mean that it is not one. You get credit for trying..

Music doesn’t look like a koala. It doesn’t look like anything. However, it behaves. It’s intrusive and personal. It doesn’t get angry and it’s sort of clingy. It’s a little bit like that friend that’s a bit weird, but you can’t get rid of them because they follow you around everywhere. If you read this blog and you know me in real life, do not worry. I am that friend in my life, not you… or maybe it is you…muahahahah

Music behaves like a cat that actually gives a fuck about you. Normal cats don’t. My cat moved into my room when I moved out from home. Now every time I return, it looks at me with an expression that says something like “Look who’s back. It’s that fucking bed thief”. It thinks I steal its room, while really, it was my room. We always look each other in the eye until the cat looks away. After all I am the alpha male in this human-cat relationship.. Music is a large, needy cat. Either that or Winnie the Pooh..

Now for the behaviour. Music is a large cat, but what does this cat do? Well if you ask me, it sort of rolls.. Most tracks seem to just “roll”. So our music-cat would be doing a pencil roll.. Music is a rolling cat. The conclusion is obvious now that you read it. It always was a cat.. It could only be a rolling cat.

Now for the colour. What colour is the cat. Well, I think it’s a blue cat. Not annoying blue. Sort of like a clear-sky-blue cat. The blue colour fades in and out around it’s fur. It has highlights. Sort of like one of the girls you sometimes see on the street. They have a lot of piercings and neon blue hair. I say girls, but actually I see boys like that too. Sometimes I can’t tell… The neon blue sort of fades into purple or a lighter blue. I don’t know what it’s called because I don’t hair. I just don’t hair… But this is what the cat will look like. Actually no. It shall not be blue. Our cat will be rainbow with smooth gradients between the colours. Additionally, the colour fades in and out..


So there you have it… Music is a rainbow cat.. Done!

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