The Secret Of Success, Happiness And Life

Whoooh! Daily post. Today’s topic is… you guessed it… Diverse. I know you didn’t actually guess it. It’s OK I still love you. Diversity! Diversity is when you dress up in an orange suit with a green tie for a black tie party. That’s what it is. It’s used to describe difference and unlikeness. If you want to read about diversity, you have come to right place. Nobody has ever written as good as post about diversity as me. (He said, before he wrote the actual post).

You are fortunate to have come here, because I hold a total of 6 PHDs on this topic. That’s right. I’m 18, but I’ve already been a professor of diversity for over 40 years! I have given many lectures on the topic and made people sit many horrible exams all about diversity. In other words “I know shit”.

What you will find out about diversity in the next 400 words will blow your mind. You will never be the same again. You will more than double your social skills. Improve your career, sex life and probably discover the secret of eternal life and omnipotence. All these benefits for free! Not to mention that you will be only days away from discovering the cure for every disease on earth and finding the love of your life.

Your life takes off now. And it takes off fast. Success is no longer right around the corner. Success is here, right in front of you. You need only to keep reading about diversity and find out the secret that I am around to share. Before we do this, I need you to the following. Shake your head up and down. That’s right. Now shake it left and right.. Good. I have to make sure that you are paying attention. Now here is the secret:

Ah fuck… I forgot it.. Oh well, maybe if you had shaken your head faster I would have still remembered it when you reached this part. Tough luck.. I think it might come back to me so you’ll have to follow the blog and social media pages.. Otherwise you might miss it..

Now for diversity. There is not much to be said about it now that the secret is forgotten. Oh damn! This post really didn’t work out the way it was supposed to. I was hoping I would remember the secret. This is what happens when you are an old professor.. Genius ideas jump into your head as fast as they jump out. You are basically a trampoline for ideas. This ties in with diversity. People who live a diverse lives tend to follow the random stuff in their heads. We call them “originals” and they usually end up doing awesome and bad ass things with their lives. So there you have it. Diverse = original = success. The secret of life.. Can’t believe you had to read 480 words of crap to find that out.. Could have just watched some TED talks 😛


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