Generation Is A Bad Word…

A post about Generation. This daily post competition is actually becoming more and more fun. Having to generate a post about “generation”. The difficulty in this one is that “generation” is a very boring word. It can only be used in boring contexts… If I was king, this word would be banned.

What sort of generation? A generation of people? Power generation? A generation of Iphones? A ration of genes? The topics are endless. If you think about “generation”, it is a very common word.

The next generation seems to imply something that’s almost from the future. Companies use this phrase to make everyone get very excited about very unexciting things.

“A new Iphone is out! It’s next generation!”- Screamed the kids on the playground

The panic spreads all over the city! The new Iphone is next generation! It’s from the future! Look! They made the screen a tiny bit bigger! Why has nobody thought of this before? The screen is an inch bigger! My current generation is no longer from the future… Now this one is! Aww fuck! My phone is useless! It’s not even next generation… Ewww. Better splash out $500 on the exact same phone.. Don’t worry, its not a waste! This one is next generation! The screen is a little bit bigger!

Before you know it, people are queuing in front of the phone shops for a week. It’s OK though. This is normal, the next generation has a slightly bigger screen.

This is all happening in a park. The kids are excited about the next generation of Iphones. This makes the slightly more senior people around feel left out. They start to feed off each others bitterness and complain about how their generation was better…

“This new generation doesn’t know anything! They only worry about the next generation of phones”- Said Henrik

“Back in our generation there were no phones!”- Replied Martha

Before the next generation of phones even hits the news, Samsung and Apple are already planning the generation after.

“Sir, this phone is the exact same as the previous. The only difference is the slightly bigger company logo! How can we sell this?”

A very qualified marketing expert is asked into the room. This man charges $100 an hour for the most genius of marketing ideas. He opens his mouth and out comes a genius idea!

“What if we say its next generation?”

The board of directors goes silent! Nobody has ever thought of this! A few months later the next generation of phones with a slightly bigger company logo hit the market. And Repeat.

This is why “generation” is a bad word. It needs to be banned before we start buying next-generation-phones that actually have nothing different about them…

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