Live A Worry Free Life Without Spendings!

I never buy breakfast for the next day. I always “worry about it in the morning” and then when I get up, I get angry at myself for not worrying about it last night. This is a rare case of “trying-to-avoid-responsibility-by-dropping-it-all-on-yourself-omia”. You must drop it on yourself in a different time period thought. Every procrastinator knows this. You drop it on your future-self. Or your past-self. For example, I don’t need to worry about making any food right now. I made my past-self responsible for that…

The logic is sound and the method works. However, it works only if you willing to hungrily wait until the past-self gets some food. This does happen, but it is very rare. Usually what happens is that the past-self will put the responsibility back to you. Yesterday’s me will say “It’s your problem, go deal with it”. This can go on for several hours before I end up giving in.

The past-self always wins these arguments. I must be getting worse at debating if every consecutive day, I loose an argument with the previous version of myself.

Responsibility is not all. Sometimes the reason why I don’t get food is not because I can’t be bothered. Sometimes it is because I want to save money. This is because I am a greedy fuck (as explained on this post). By dropping the responsibility on my past self, I save money. The past-self pays for breakfast and my current-self does not have to. This means that my current-self is a few £ ahead every day! Look at the savings! I’m am working on putting all my responsibility on my past-self and that way I can live a worry free life for no money at all.

I recommend you try this method out. It will save you so much money. If you lack the ability to converse with your past-self, you can still do this. Buying everything and getting everything done the day before. That way, next day, you will have saved an entire day’s worth of money and worry!

This is why the people who follow this blog are already millionaires and have achieved great things. Inventions such as the self flushing toilet or the selfie stick were all invented by people who follow this method of saving money. Be sure to join them! Over the next few weeks there will be many more money saving tips like this.

Sometimes the real savings come from reading the blog of someone who writes about very funny and random things. Someone who can think outside the box and should probably rule the world..

What if you bought everything 2 days before? How much would you save then!?

I must end this now. I lost an argument with my past self, and now I have to buy food..


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