Are You More Evolved Than Your TV?

Do you have eyes? If you answered the question, you probably do. I have eyes too. Today’s challenge is Vision. Vision is that thing we use when we look at things. It’s a generally beneficial ability except for a few sights which make it annoying to have. No pain no gain. You are lucky to have come here, because I have 18 years experience of looking at things. You could say, its a bit of a hobby of mine. I always find myself looking at things. Except for the times when I’m not..

Eyes are pretty great. We have the ability to detect less than 2% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Sure we can’t see Gamma rays, X-Rays, Infra red or Microwaves. But there is a lot to see in the just the 2% that is visible to us.

Imagine if you were abducted by aliens. These aliens, of course, can see all of the electromagnetic spectrum. They see the whole deal. One of the tests the aliens would do is a vision test. You would score less than 2%. Not even a D.. Such a fail.. Couldn’t even get close to passing. Not to even mention getting an A.

It’s a bit sad really. Some of the new TVs can see more than you.. So can new bees… and the old ones. All bees see more than you do. Next time someone asks you and the rest of the animal kingdom to line up according to the level of evolution, don’t just boldly stand at the evolved end. You don’t fully belong there, the bee can see more than you.. Think about that… A bee can see more than you. So can the TV. So how evolved are you really? More than the Samsung 8000 series TV? Not so sure..

photo of what your phone sees by Nickolay Lamm

At the same time you probably don’t want to see all of the electromagnetic spectrum. Do you know what it would look like? Well here is a thought.. Most of the wireless technology uses the electromagnetic spectrum. Usually these are radio waves (Wi-Fi), but sometimes also microwaves (phones). All these wireless devices communicate using binary.. This means that they blink. On and off and on and off. If you could see all this blinking, the world would start to look a bit like a massive disco.

I have no doubt that one day we will evolve. Eventually we will see everything. The day this happens will not be a good one. Especially for those prone to epileptic fits or motion sickness. Spending just 3 minutes with your phone will probably get you spewing like you have never spewed before. Imagine that, constant blinking; several hundred times a second; for all of your life. I’m pretty sure if I had to live in such a world, I would just spend my time being angry and breaking expensive things.

The positive side is that when someone asks you and the rest of animal kingdom to line up in the order of evolution, you can go ahead and stand right on the evolved end. That’s right, even past the TVs..

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2 thoughts on “Are You More Evolved Than Your TV?

  1. Shortly after I got my Smart TV, I walked into my living room. The TV turned itself on and declared that it didn’t recognize me! I was completely unnerved and unplugged the impertinent monster. So far as I knew, we hadn’t been introduced. We still haven’t. I have no argument with the fact that it is smarter than me. In between rare movie viewings, I keep it unplugged.

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    • Exactly! Cannot trust the new TVs! Now for the real test… Go to sleep and get the TV to walk in. See if you wake up or not. If you don’t, we have further evidence of the TVs being too evolved for us..

      They move into our homes, unasked (sort of) and dictate who is recognised and who isn’t. The TV is the real intruder..


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