The Secret To Meal Deal Strategy

At some point over the course of your life, you will no doubt have to purchase yourself a meal deal. Meal deals consist of a drink, a sandwich or a wrap and a snack. The choice is not easy. There are many factors to consider when assembling your meal deal. I bet you never thought this to be the case, but what you choose, actually defines you as a person. Buying a meal deal is very often the turning point in your life. It is essential that you make the right choices.

Over the course of this post we will discuss the inner workings of the meal deal… The idea here is to develop a certain skill. A well experienced meal dealer will know exactly what sort of a person you are, by simply looking at what you choose.

The meal deal area is usually in one place, the sandwiches, snacks and drinks are always within a few meters of each other. This is a good thing. It means that you can see exactly what the choice is.

photo by Steve Dresser

The drink is the easiest part to analyse. For example, it is fairly uncommon for someone to get a bottle of water.. Generally you go for the Ribena. If you are a bit less bothered about health, you can also go for cheeky Lucosade. The health freaks tend to go for smoothies. But no one will ever get water. Water is unusual. Yes, it is a healthy option, but so are some of the smoothies. Why choose water over a smoothie? If you see someone pick water, there is a serious problem at hand… This person most likely knows more than you about something.. It is possible that they are new to the meal deal world. However in this day and age, that is unlikely. The safest precaution is to avoid said person. There is something fishy going on and you probably don’t want to be involved. It is possible that they are some sort of a nuclear scientist or under cover agent. If you are a drug dealer or a gang leader, this is the part where you need to run. After all, they picked water!

The main part of the meal deal is a sandwich or wrap. The more experienced will call this a “main”. Your main choice is where the real analysis comes into place.. The customers are split into 2 categories. “Wrappers” and “Sandwichers”.

The wrappers are generally the cool kids. It’s a cooler option. It’s not usual. Even though, arguably it gets eaten faster; the wrap remains a very good choice.. The chicken wraps are amongst the best choices one can make. Your average wrapper will get themselves a good chicken wrap, sweet chilly or maybe southern fried. If you see this taking place, you know that you are dealing with a serious human. They most likely have extensive experiences with meal deals and are there to be followed..

Sandwichers are the mysterious ones. You never know what a sandwicher is thinking. You don’t know anything about them. You don’t know anything about the wrappers, but something about the sandwicher is just more secretive. It is a common fact that most sandwichers know each other. That’s right, they form a conspiratorial circle. Examples of sandwichers include the Illuminati and the Masons. If you pick a sandwich you will be contacted by a representative of the sandwicher organisations and asked to join.. These people do not take “no” for an answer…

Finally the snack. Chips are normal. If they pick chips, you have nothing to worry about. You are looking at a simple meal dealer, who probably does not care about staying too healthy. If however, they pick a smoothie and chips. Well.. now you have a problem.. In fact smoothie pickers can only get wholegrain bars like Alpen. If they don’t, something is off. Possibly an undercover mission.. Maybe a robbery is about to occur.. The only answer is to neutralise the meal dealer. They will likely be heavily armed so be careful.

Apart from that, all other snacks are acceptable.. Especially the famous Snickers..

This newly gained knowledge may help you to save a life. In fact it most certainly will. Follow this blog for more life saving tips..


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