Blame A Drunk Friend

What is a “Chance Encounter“? An encounter that you do not expect. This is a weekly challenge.. so I will be writing this over a couple of days. No doubt other submissions will talk about destiny and how nothing really is a chance encounter. Other ones will share a story about a chance encounter that they have experienced.. I will not be approaching this topic in such ways. Too indie for that shit.

Chance has an element of randomness in it. A chance encounter, is unexpected, random and impossible to replicate. What is the most random encounter? Surely it would be seeing something that does not belong in the environment that you are in. For example finding Donald Trump on a deserted island would qualify nicely as a “chance encounter”. Finding Trump anywhere is a chance encounter, but it is a lot more “chancey” on a deserted island.

Is it chance though? Is anything random. Well here is what physics says… Everything that happens can be traced to the thing that caused it. If I see a smashed glass, I can trace where it used to be and see the drunk friend who dropped it. I can then react and call the friend a “spazz”. The friend will then insult me back. The same applies to most things. You can always trace the origin to a drunk friend. Water is warm because there is a source of heat. The source of heat is hot because it is burning gas. There is gas there because it is being pumped from Putin’s house (and Putin has a friend) etc. Everything can be traced infinitely. Even the thoughts in your head. These are simply charges in your brain which also follow the laws of physics. This fits nicely with chaos theory. A butterfly flapping its wings somewhere can trigger a series of reactions that result in an earthquake somewhere else. Physically this is possible. We live in a closed system where nothing can happen without being triggered..

So is there such thing as chance? Logically no. The only reason why we say it’s random is because we lack the capacity to predict it, but it was always going to happen. Makes sense? Well this is where it stops to make sense.. Time to go into quantum physics..

And there you go. Chance encounters are likely caused by quantum events.. Simple really.. The universe spends it time constantly churning out these “quantum events” and you find yourself in chance encounters.. Enough said..

So next time you encounter something by “pure chance”, you know that the reason why you encountered it can be down to 2 things. Either, the universe created a certain amount of quantum events, or your friend is drunk..

You are now smarter than you were 😛


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