Prizes For Best Underestimations

There will be 2 challenge posts today. This is because I’ve moved out of halls today and I am too tired to exercise my imagination. Today’s topic is “Underestimate“. This, of course, is when you expect something to be worse than it actually is. For example, as an ear-virgin, you might underestimate how good it is to have a cue-tip inside your ear. If you haven’t cleaned your ears like that, you must try it. It’s not how you’re supposed to do it, but if you think about it, you’re not supposed to eat chocolate. How is that going for you? If you are doing unhealthy things, might as well do them all and be good at being unhealthy. As opposed to being shit at being both healthy and unhealthy.

There are a few things in life that are underestimated. They cancel out directly with things that are overestimated. For example, the new ice age films are overestimated. I still don’t understand why people went to see them. The same can be said for Mission Impossible, Batman vs Superman and every Michael Bay film ever filmed. Those are the overestimated films. They are well advertised, but turn out to be the reason why people still get cancer in the 21st century.

Underestimated things are usually quite weird. For example banana with ketchup. Ever tried it. You probably underestimate how good it tastes. And yes, it is a thing… It really is. What else is underestimated? Ninja and Samurai warriors! In every Eastern martial arts film I have seen, there is a character which gets underestimated by someone. Next thing you know, the someone is on the ground cut to shit with the super sharp swords.

Yes, there are many examples of underestimations. But what is the greatest underestimation in the history of mankind? Hard to decide since I don’t know them all. Everyone knows that the famous book of underestimations is kept in the Vatican archives; to which nobody has access. How then can we answer this question? Well.. We can have a look at some major fuck-ups and decide which one is the worst. You see, most underestimations result in major fuck-ups and people’s careers being ruined.

The fist category will be “quotes by people who are known for knowing things”. For example Alan Sugar, the richest mean man in the UK said that “Next Christmas, the iPod will be kaput”. You might be saying “Hold on, it’s not been next Christmas yet. He could still be right”. Granted it’s not been Christmas yet.. however, Alan remains wrong because he said this in 2005. Alan Sugar underestimated the iPod…

The second category will have to be “really important things being ruined by really stupid things”. This one must go to the great London fire. This is because this accident really features 2 underestimations. The London fire in 1666, burned down 80% of the city. The British underestimated the dangers of building houses out of wood and pitch (flammable!) close together… That’s why the fire burned down almost everything. It was started by a baker who likely underestimated the danger of an oven… I bet he was making something incredibly basic when it started. That moment when you try to reheat a Tesco pizza and end up burning 80% of the capital city.

Have you ever chucked ice at someone? A snowball doesn’t count. What about hailstones, have you ever been caught in a hail storm? If you have, then you know how much those little fucks hurt. Ice has a tendency of being very hard… This brings us to the 3rd category called “people being generally stupid”. When you call something unbreakable and it breaks, you end up looking like a bit of an idiot. This is what happened with the Titanic. The titanic was “unbreakable” until it sunk. This is a classic underestimation of nature. Enough said we’ve all sobbed over Di Caprio in the film.

So there you have. Underestimations can really mess stuff up. If you don’t want to underestimate things, subscribe to this blog. It grants the “immune to underestimation” charms.


flickr photo by DRVMX shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license


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