Do It “Lick” They Do It On Discovery Channel

What do you do when you are dirty? Take a shower? Do you use one of those baby-wipe things to clean yourself? I don’t know why… Maybe you’re camping and you can’t have a shower. But here is the top question. Would you ever consider licking yourself clean? Maybe you should…

I’m writing this post while I’m looking at my cat. The cat is just going over the usual cleaning process and it is licking itself clean. If you think about it, a lot more animals do that too. We don’t. We won’t even think of licking parts of our body, especially not after we’ve been out. Why is that? Were there showers there when we lived in caves?

Maybe society changed us. Maybe we’ve been intoxicated with this image of people who don’t lick themselves. This would have happened a few thousand years ago. One of the cavemen will have watched a TV commercial by Dior or Gucci and see a guy or a woman standing there saying “I’m beautiful and I don’t lick myself”. Before you know it, all humanity no longer licks themselves. Since then we have evolved into a state where we can no longer lick our bodies. We now prefer to pour clean water over ourselves and rubbing our bodies with chemicals. Tongues would work so much better!

People say that humans originate from Africa, originally. Like that’s where the first factory opened. So if we are from Africa, then there is no way that we cleaned ourselves with water. There is no water there! We must have licked… Either that or we did the stuff that Rhinos (and such) do. They roll around in mud and dirt to clean themselves. Sounds great really.

Let’s go back to licking. It’s disgusting, but maybe it’s the answer to the perfect hygiene and staying Healthy! Think of all the bacteria that can gather on your skin over the day! Is it not so much better to just lick it and have it inside you? I know that’s where I would much rather have the bacteria go!

It’s time to start a licking movement. Much like the extremists among feminism and vegan-ism (or is it vegan-ity). We will use hate and irrational insults to make others lick themselves. Before we know it, the whole world will bow to “lickism”.

To support the movement please follow this blog and social media pages. Together, we will bring back the licking! No matter how many times licking yourself will make you throw up, it must be done. No pain no gain.


4 thoughts on “Do It “Lick” They Do It On Discovery Channel

    • Yes! The movement is gaining momentum! If we start now we can definitely undo the damage done by Dior and Gucci before the end of the 10th millennium.


      • Hahah, thank you very much for the support for the movement (and the blog)!
        Will be sure to come up with some bright ideas in due course 😀


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