Meet The Snake Inside You

Ok let’s not kid ourselves. The last post was horrible! Felt a little bit like 2 crocodiles having hate sex and then killing everyone in an orphanage. The sad bit is that, since people are snaky by nature, I bet half of you will go back an read it. Fucking snakes…

So why is that.. Why is it satisfying to watch people fuck up? Fucking up yourself doesn’t feel great at all.

There are entire websites. Entire cults and tribes dedicated to browsing dank memes of people breaking things or falling over. Nothing beats a good compilation of people falling off things. Like I said, we are snaky.

I can come to no other conclusion except for the fact that it makes us feel better about ourselves. Watching a video of a Russian man fall off a ladder makes you think “Heh, what a complete spazz! I can climb ladders with no trouble”. I hope I’m wrong cause that sort of mindset is just toxic. Yet we still enjoy watching people fall over.

Here, lets do a little test. I’m going to put a little video here. If you do not laugh or smile at all over the duration of it, you must be a machine. This blog doesn’t have those pictures with deformed letters that you have to decipher and type in. This means that you may well be a machine. Those letters stop machines btw. It always says “Prove that you are human”. I bet it doesn’t stop machines, it’s just there to piss people off. Especially when you don’t know if it is case sensitive or not…

Here is a video, don’t have to watch the whole thing, just until you smile or laugh:

What’s up with that then? Why is it so funny? People getting hurt and fucking up… We would hate for that to be us, yet we love a good fail. Especially if the person falling over is overweight..

This is the part where I give you some real dirt on myself. You know how sometimes there is a party and you hear a story about someone really messing up. My friend once told me about how they were at a party during which a mattress is stolen. A part of me feels bad for the flat owners. But I cannot deny that there is always that one snaky thought that experiences some sort of sadistic satisfaction from hearing these things.

I’m definitely not a sadist. I just have this little person inside me that really likes to watch the world burn.. He always comes up at the weirdest of moments and I think it makes people wonder why they hang out with me..

Anyway! If you now go and read the previous post, you are a snake! If you already have then I apologise for the emotional damage caused by watching 2 crocodiles have hate sex and then killing orphans.

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4 thoughts on “Meet The Snake Inside You

    • I feel the same way 😀 Sometimes due to some miracle, it is the posts that seem the most iffy to you, get the most traffic..


      • Which then leads to the awkward situation of not being able to delete sh*t posts.

        Reddit feedback seems to have been erased 😦 So reposting it here.

        Love the theme, reminscent of “”. Recommend using “Mail Chimp” subscribers over Jetpack subscribers. Here’s a link to change your wordpress site logo “”

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you! I’ll take these on board. I can’t use mail chip just yet because I’m hosted on I’ll definitely get into it when I switch to .org. Thank you for the feedback 😀


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