The Secret To Running A Successful Blog.. Sort Of..

Today’s post is going to be a little bit more techy. I want to do a sort of behind the scenes thing today. Tell you how people write posts. To be honest I don’t know what I want to do, but I’m hoping that the idea will come to me at some point before this post is done. If it doesn’t I just remove this and rewrite. That’s usually the way these posts go..

This blog is small, and it’s not the only one. Owners of small blogs have a tendency to get all hung up on the readership. The next thing they do is Google “How to write a popular blog”. Then they read the lists that turn up.

  1. Use social media
  2. Tell your friends and family
  3. etc.

These guides are followed like all other online step-by-step guides. You follow them by reading the step, making up an excuse for why it doesn’t apply to you and moving on. When the list is finished you have done absolutely nothing, but you feel like you have! It’s a great confidence boost! Now you know how to run a successful blog! But are you going to? I don’t think so…

I guess some of these things can work. But the problem with building an audience for your blog is not solved by you finding out that you should use social media. You already know that. The problem is that, even though you know what you should do, you probably will not do it. This applies to other aspects of life also. Like… exercise, or lack there of!

One the things bloggers get nagged for is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation. SEO makes me want to kill people. I’m serious. I’m not, I don’t actually want to kill people, but I really don’t like SEO. The idea is that if you run your blog or website in a very specific way, Google will like you more. If Google likes you, you appear higher in searches. Unfortunately it means that you have to run your website the way that Google wants. Essentially you are prostituting your content for an extra view every day. It’s a bit like fashion. You have to wear what people tell you to wear or you are not cool. For example, I would not be cool if I wore sweatpants to a Louis Vuitton. Fortunately I’m cool already so I can do what I want. That’s also the reason why I don’t actively do SEO. Well, it’s not the reason, I’m just lazy, but lets go with being cool instead. Denial can be a great thing…

It gets better, there are people whos whole career is being an SEO expert. You can hire someone like this, pay them fat stacks and they will tell you “the secrets”. The secrets probably appear as one of those step by step guides… We all know how well following those goes…

When I find myself thinking about these things, the resulting thought is always that “I should not care about readership”. This is difficult because the strategy of making people laugh, sort of requires people.. But I guess as long as I’m laughing I can’t complain… I could just be “that guy”, the one that laughs at his jokes while everyone just stands there awkwardly.

This is what happens when I don’t plan my posts, they end up a bit messy, but you get the point. Actually no you don’t. I haven’t made one.

I guess the safest way to end this post is to just tell you “You have read this post, now make your own point basing on what you have read”. I can’t do everything for you…

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