Comfort Can Kill! Best To Stay Uncomfortable!

Comfortable position! Why? What? How? Why is it that different ways in which we can arrange our bodies contain different amounts of “comfort”? Today we take this issue apart and discover what is really happening when we sit on a sofa or lie on a bed..

The scientists will tell you that comfortable positions are positions in which muscles are relaxed.. This makes sense, you are more comfortable because the position takes less effort to stay in. But what if they are wrong again?! Just like when they said that the earth orbits the sun. Or when they said that if that 1kg of feathers weighs the same as 1kg of steel!

Comfortable positions are generally ones that make you look like you could die and nobody would notice. Imagine, lying in a bed. If you can’t, then you can just go ahead and get on one. Notice how if you died, nobody would know. Nothing would change. You just wouldn’t get up, ever. That’s a dead give-away of a comfortable position.. get it? Dead give-away…

This is why the government is always trying to get you to stay active. If you die while not in a comfortable position, everyone will notice. Sure, you might be little bit more self conscious about dying a noticeable death. People might judge the way you fall over or the final grunt you make. But at least they will notice. That’s the important part…

This is what really defines whether a position is comfortable or not. We all know that people tend to die all the time. It could be you any of those days. Could be something as simple as a small peanut going down the wrong pipe or a stray bullet from some war-zone somewhere. Either way, you want to be noticed when you die..

This is why it’s important that you know which positions are comfortable and which are not. The scientists won’t tell you this because they don’t like people dying in uncomfortable positions. It makes them jealous…

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Stay uncomfortable! It’s better if you die..


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