South!.. No! North!. No! Wait!.. What?

South! Downwards from the UK. Or is it? There is no such thing as up or down in space! Boom! Get wrecked! This is a topic that’s just full of misconceptions!

The earth is a magnet. This is why when you hold a compass it points towards a certain direction. For the record, it does that when you don’t hold it also. It just always does it. It’s not magic like you thought. It’s a magnetic field. Every magnet has a south and a north pole. The compass works the way it does because the north needle is magnetically charged. It has a North charge.

North to South attracts, a bit like alcohol and more alcohol. North to North and South to South don’t, a bit like me and dirty dishes. This is just how the universe works. You can ask it to change by submitting the correct forms on the official website. The reason why we have a compass is to make sure that nobody tells us that south is north and north is south. That would confuse everyone.. Wait a second!

Here is where shit gets weird. The north needle on a compass has a north charge. This means that it is actually pointing towards the magnetic south! That’s right, everything you thought was true is not! You no longer know what to believe!

The north of a map is actually the magnetic south. The reason why we call the south “north” is because sometimes things are just too simple. As humans we must make sure that nothing is too simple, so we overcomplicate things. If north was called “north” and south was called “south” people like me would have nothing to talk about at parties…

Now for the real question… Is Santa on the North or the South pole?


flickr photo by mikou07kougou shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


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