Have You Joined The “Placeholder” Movement?

You learn something new every day… Today I learnt that “Pensive” is a word. And now I have to write about that. I have no idea what it means so I figured I might just write a post about it anyway. I won’t google it until I’m finished. Let’s see how far off I get.

Lets look at out options. “Pension”, “Pen“, “Aggressive“, “Defensive“. I can’t help but feel that it must have something to do with old people. Look at that pensive old man. It fits right it, has a nice sort of ring to it.

Pensive is definitely a good word. I wish I knew it before now. There were pretty opportunities in which I could have used it. Not because of its meaning. Simply because it sounds good. Pensive.

Sounds like a very well worded compliment, doesn’t it? Something can be majestic and pensive. Or it can be pensive and profound.  We should have words like these. Words that can be used when describing things. Even though they hold no meaning they give the description a better, more pensive, sound.

This shall be my invention! It’s genius and pensive! Placeholder words. They will be a series of nice sounding words with no meaning at all.

  • pensive
  • floofpy
  • hamsty
  • tursty
  • tensive

There are actually supper hard to come up with. I realise that some the words on that list have a meaning, but I don’t really care. Go and try make a nice sounding word. So fucking difficult. Whoever came up with “pensive” probably won a Nobel prize.

Right, that will do.. Now, what does pensive mean:

Pensive: Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful.

Look at that! I was not too far off. It actually doesn’t really mean anything.. Pensive just means engaged in hopeful thoughts or dreams. If you ask me that’s a bit of a hamty meaning. I don’t think I will be using pensive for conveying that meaning… What a waste of a good word 😦

Feel free to suggest other placeholder words. It’s time to put together a dictionary and change the world.

If you don’t follow the blog and the social media pages, I will destroy the world. No pressure.


flickr photo by jwyg https://flickr.com/photos/jwyg/3745559121 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


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