I Have A Life-Thing

Some things just cannot be dodged. Spanners and rain fit in this category, yes. Only, I was thinking more along the lines of life-things. What is a life-thing? Well a life-thing is a very specific type of thing. Something that is not too important to you, but you must do it. Another characteristic is that the life-thing will likely fuck something up.

Tomorrow, I have to deal with a life-thing. I have to deal with this life-thing for 2 weeks! I’m going way on a 2 week trip and won’t have time to write. Shock! Horror! How will you cope without the daily 500 words from me?

Well, do not worry. Since I am the leader of the free world and the leader of the not-free world, I have a rare ability to plan ahead!

You might have noticed the quality of this weeks posts decreasing slightly. Either that or I am starting to get that thing creators get. They think that their creations are a bit crap, but nobody is able to notice that fact, until one day when they will. Could this day be today? I hope not!

The reason for the slightly decreased quality of posts this week is because you have only seen half the big picture. You see, I’ve maxed out my output and I’ve been churning out extra content behind the scenes. I now have enough posts for every 2nd day of my time away. Some of these are on point and it’s been hard to keep them from you.. I am very bad at self-restraint..

So that’s it, there will be a post every second day, starting on the 21 (i think). The posts have already been scheduled and will appear magically at 1pm of the posting days. 1pm my time, don’t ask me to figure out what time zone I’m in.. (I live in Scotland).

I was planning to give you the titles, but I figured I will be more mysterious if I don’t. Mysterious is good. I’m basically a ghost now!


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