Do You Hear The Government In The Background?

Stop what you’re doing! Well, stop everything except for reading this post. If you are currently eating then you will have to stop chewing and let the food in your mouth get all mushy. It’s not an easy life. Have you ever just thought about the sounds that go on around you, but go unnoticed. I haven’t.

But I’m now going to think about them. You know how you have a whole subconscious side to you. This side listens to everything. That is why adverts running in the background still affect how likely you are to buy something. Even if you don’t actively listen to them.

The sounds that are there, but go unnoticed are all noted by the subconscious. This is why it’s important to stop and listen. You need to make sure that the background is safe. You never know what’s hiding back there. It could be government broadcast getting you to eat a specific type of food. You don’t want to get manipulated by the government. They can already read minds.

So here we go.. what can I hear? Ummm. So far just the TV. There are the buzz and hum of my laptop and not much else actually. I guess there are no government broadcasts in the background after all.

Even though today, I have not been successful at discovering the background government broadcasts. I have no doubt that they are there. Hidden from plain hearing. Somewhere out there, the government is brain washing people and it is up to us to find evidence of that…

It’s not an easy task, but it must be done. Otherwise the government will always have control over what we think. They can already hear our thoughts. I have no doubt that when they hear our thoughts becoming more independent, they will start to broadcast more. This will let them get back in control..

You might be saying that there is no evidence for this.. Of course there is no evidence! The government hides the evidence! That way nobody except for them knows what’s really going on.. Only I know what’s actually going on. This is why you must read this blog and believe me. Nobody else really knows what I do.

I hope you can keep your mind pure from the government mind-control. You, the readers, are the only hope of any change really happening. Here is the encoded message that the resistance wants me to deliver.. The blueberry muffin is about to eat your very favourite chocolate spaghetti. Take from that what you will..

Good Luck!


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