Just Like Writing A Bike

I’m back! This means that I am here again. The posts that you read now, get published as soon as I write them instead of 2 weeks after. This actually doesn’t change anything from your perspective, but I get to feel like all the content is now more “fresh”. A bit like fresh fruit. It’s tasty and made of bright colours. If someone comments, I know that it is on a thought that I had today, not 2 weeks ago.

There is a weird feeling that accompanies taking a break from writing for 2 weeks and then coming back to it as if nothing had happened. It’s supposed to be like riding a bike, but currently I feel like the bike is angry at me. You would think that I could just wait until the bike calms down. Unfortunately, when the bike is angry at me, I turn into a hateful fuck and start to get angry at the bike.

The reason why the bike is angry is because I haven’t ridden it for 2 weeks. This is a very emotional machine. It trusted me, but I broke that trust. Additionally, any seasoned bike owner will know that if you do not ride your bike for a long time, the tyres deflate, the oil just disappears and rust starts to corrode all the shiny bits. This is why the bike is angry.

I can’t maintain it because the bike is so angry that it won’t even let me approach it. And there you have it. This is why writing is hard when you take a break from it…

Not just writing! The same applies for reading, cooking, driving, horse-riding, swimming, talking to people, walking and also thinking.

All difficulty in your life, can be tracked right down to a hateful bike…

Follow for more insightful explanations of why some things are hard sometimes…


flickr photo by http://www.davidbaxendale.com https://flickr.com/photos/david_baxendale/6315117219 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license



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