Get Your Energy Here…

Transformation is another stupid word. Every now and then, these daily prompts come up with something that is just annoying. Usually, the words have multiple meanings. Sometimes, they don’t really have any meaning at all. It has to be said that these prompts are aimed at bloggers who get excited about words such as “inspiration”, “beauty”, “growth”, “happiness”, “self-improvement” etc. You know, the sort of gooey stuff that ends up misquoted on Facebook and shared the fuck out of by all your friends. Rant over. Let’s talk about transformation then.

Transformation is generally about change. “Change” is another word that some people get aroused over.. This change can be personal, but it does not have to be. Sure, I could write a post about a walk I took in a park. A walk that transformed me into a better person when I saw a dog bark at another dog. That’s a personal transformation. It can be used for the creation of some seriously boring posts. The ones that just don’t seem to have any purpose at all. That’s because they actually don’t. Posts like that are written when it is “post time” and you have no idea what to write about. So you make up some inspiring walk and spraff about how it changed you. That way, you are done with the chore that writing your blog has become.

I don’t think that’s what I want to be writing about, so I will just write about one of the other transformation types.. Energy transformation!

Things happen because they have energy. Energy is this wispy sort of substance that doesn’t really look or smell like anything. You can’t see it or interact with it. You can’t put it in a box.. Energy makes things do things. When something hits you, it is because it has kinetic energy. When someone screams at you, they are releasing sound energy.

There are many energy types. That’s why this is a very exciting topic. Look how excited you are! Bouncing up and down on your seat! Thermodynamics has great potential in the entertainment industry.

It gets better too! This energy that you can’t see or touch, cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transferred. You must be asking yourself where this energy comes from? Well, the answer is simple, it comes from these things:


This is where energy comes from.


If you want to get some energy, you have to find one of those things and just chill out with them. Then you will have the energy.

And there you have it. A useful post about transformation.

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flickr photo by starmanseries shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

flickr photo by Tambako the Jaguar shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license


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