This is the 51st post. Every post is about 500 words.. You will have read over 25000 words on here so far. Bit sad isn’t it. Really shows that you have nothing better to do.. Actually no. This really shows that I have nothing better to do.. These posts take about 30 minutes to write, so I have spent 1500 minutes or 25 hours writing posts. That’s a day of my life.. This day could have been spent doing other things. I could have binge watched Lord Of The Rings or just stayed in bed. Alternatively I could could have climbed Mount Fuji at least 3 times.. Either way, the sacrifice is significant. You better appreciate this..

50 posts ago I said that my friends got me to write this because they think I’m funny. Since people seem to be reading this stuff, I guess friends were right.. The funny thing is that some of the friends that got me to start this blog, no longer read it 😛 I know this, because I make references to my older posts just to see who’s reading. That’s right! I’m a vicious fuck!

I am very thankful (full of thanks?) to those of you who still read my ramblings.. I have a reward for you in the form of a free “backspace machine”. If you don’t know what the “backspace machine” is, then you don’t deserve one. You must have read this post to get the reference.

I think I’m better at writing now than I was 50 posts ago. I’ve since figured out some insider knowledge. For example finish is spelt with 1 “n”, not 2. Also “wandering” and “wondering” mean 2 different things. Unfortunately I still don’t know which one is which.. At this rate, I can probably make my own language before I hit 20.. This is an exciting prospect! I could charge people money for using it. £0.05 per word! You now all that money you saved by not taking plastic bags in supermarkets? This is the time to use it. Free speech is a myth anyway.

One of the fears that I had 50 posts ago is that I would run out of things to write about. To combat this, I have a note on my phone and every time I get a new idea, I record it. The note has a number of ideas on it now. Sadly I never use them. I’m scared to.. They are being saved up for the “dark times”; when I go completely brain-dead due to alcohol.. Until then, I seem to easily be able to pull posts out of my ass.. Just like I am doing right now..

I decided to do a little reflecting post like this at 50. If you told me, a few months ago, that I would be on my 50th blog post in June, I would likely have screamed like a stab victim and ran away. I don’t consider myself a “wordy” person.. The amount of spelling mistakes I make on Twitter confirms this. I was definitely created for numbers and annoying people with computer facts.. not writing things..


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