The King Of The House

2 days ago, I wrote a post about dogs (Read it here). As far as pets go, there are also cats. It’s an unfair world. There is no saying like “cats are a man’s best friend”. Dogs get one, cats don’t. This is concerning to every pet shopper out there. Walk into a pet shop. Hey, I know what a dog is! It’s a man’s best friend! I’m a man! But what about a cat? You see a cat and unless you have prior experience, you just don’t know what a cat really is. That’s what I’m here for.. Helping people with daily struggles like that.

I happen to be a casual cat owner. The “casual” part means that my family owns a cat, but I don’t really get involved in any of the nasty stuff like cleaning after it. I just stroke it sometimes. However, I and the cat live under the same roof so I have some first-hand experience watching people and cats play family.

It has to be said that if cats were people, we would lock them up. Their behaviour is just too messed up.

The cat really does not seem to give a shit about you. As far as the cat is concerned, it is not part of the family, it is a separate entity and you live in its house. It lets you live in its house because you feed and pet it. If you stop, the cat will pack your bags for you and move you the fuck out. You think you are in charge? You think you are in control? All wrong! Lions are the kings of the jungle and the cat is just like a lion. The first rule of cat-world: It is you who lives in the cat’s house.


Dogs have a certain obsessive and compulsive addiction to their owners. The dog is excited about its owners so much! With cats, the story is reversed. Generally, you are the one who is excited to see your cat. The cat doesn’t really care. When you bought your cat, you didn’t pay for the ownership of it. Instead, you paid money to be allowed to be the cat’s slave. The cat is the real owner. You fail to realise that you are the pet.

Anybody see a pattern appearing here…

The reason why people find cats so puzzling is because they have their facts wrong.

Having said that, there is much to gain from owning a creature that is sleeping literally every time you want to interact with it. At the same time, it’s always awake as fuck every time you want to sleep. It’s just a perfect relationship!

So! If you want a master that you can feed and look after, in return for being occasionally able to stroke it, the cat is for you! Also, they are cute.. very cute.. and the purr.

Can you honestly say that you are not yet convinced?

I will be sending a free cat to every follower of the blog and social media pages. If you follow both, you get 2 cats. Tough shit. Don’t forget to follow.


flickr photo by AngelGirl Ragdolls shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

flickr photo by AJC1 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


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