I Don’t Care About Tragedies.

Hold on! Someone somewhere has killed a lot of people… To be entirely honest, I don’t really care about that and neither do you. The one thing I do care about is attention. This is why I must make sure to post a pretentious tweet about how sad I am and hashtag the event. That way I can get erect over the followers I get.

Bloggers and small businesses get massive hard-ons when people visit their website. All the talk about “developing yourself” or “expressing feelings” is bullshit. Most people blog because they have hopes of getting famous and getting fat stacks from adverts. That’s why Twitter is so great. You log on, post something and get traffic…

Nothing stimulates social media as much as tragedies… and cat gifs. People at Facebook and Twitter are sitting in their penthouses with their purchased mistresses, giggling happily as they find out about another tragedy, another shooting. It’s all money to them. The same goes for many bloggers and businesses! You know what time it is? It’s time to post “I’m sad about this.. #Orlando” and get noticed.

Social media is a fun little tool that lets you benefit from the misfortune of others! Be sure to use it if you are a blogger!

You’re wrong! We genuinely do care about these tragedies! We use social media to express our thoughts!

Here is a stock Tweet:

“So sad about #Orlando. #Shooting #Tragedy #Sad #GiveMeAttention”

The “So sad about Orlando” is believable. The hashtags give you away. You hashtag because you want this tweet to be read by people reading about Orlando. In other words, you are not expressing yourself anywhere near as much as you are looking for attention. People who follow you will read the tweet anyway. No hashtag needed. The hashtag is there to make money of people who don’t.

How exactly does posting a Tweet about Orlando help anyone except yourself? Do you actually do anything to help? I bet you spend more on alcohol and parties than you do on these tragedies. I know I do.

People who care, actually do something about it. People who don’t (this applies to the majority of people), don’t do anything. Simple. No need to promote yourself using the misfortune of others.

Attention-seekers talk about spreading awareness. You do not care, but you might make someone who does, help out. I call bullshit on this also. Seems to me that those who care, have already donated half of their salary by the time anyone makes their profile picture into a French flag. That’s because those types of people pay close attention to what’s happening, and don’t need/want to read your pretentious tweets to find out. Are you spreading awareness of the tragedy or yourself?

I don’t post tweets about tragedies. I never made my profile picture into French flag. I never did anything to help people recover from these things. I guess that makes me a monster of a human being. I can openly admit this; others cannot.

Time to be like Shakira’s hips. Stop pretending to care about people. Unless you do, in which case I really hope we can all be like you one day.

This quick rant was inspired by 50cent’s Instragram about the Paris attacks:


A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on


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