How To Say Smart Sounding Things

Perfection is today’s prompt. This is a classy one. Absolutely classy. You know it’s classy because perfection is always featured in those inspirational Facebook quotes. The ones that you give a passive aggressive like; right before you unfriend whoever shared it.

When something is perfect, it is the best possible version of itself. Even if that means that this perfect version is theoretical and cannot be created. If you had it. you couldn’t point out a single thing wrong with it.

Here are a few fun perfection quotes I found after a quick search:

Perfection is unachievable.

This always annoys me. What do you want from me?! Just because perfection is potentially unachievable doesn’t mean that people should stop aiming for it. Or should they? Should everyone just say “perfection is unachievable” and settle for what they have? Should we all just give up out dreams of a perfect life, because you know? Perfection is unachievable. That must be what this quote wants. Well great, now I feel crap! Thanks for the inspiring quote!

Everybody is perfect in their own way.

This is an interesting one. If perfection is being the theoretically best possible version of yourself, then chances are that nobody is perfect. Hey, that’s also a quote! “Nobody is perfect”! WHAT IS THIS? 2 conflicting quotes!? I thought these things were reliable. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life living by “Everybody is perfect in their own way”. Now I’m told that “nobody is perfect”! What the fuck is happening? What do I believe now?!

Too much perfection is a mistake

Ok. This wins the prize. This one seriously fucked me up. How much perfection do you have? Huh? Or is it how many perfections? I never knew perfection could be measured. Make sure you don’t have too many perfections… That’s a mistake. So if you are perfect, you must have a lot of perfection, but that’s a mistake so you are not actually perfect. What a fun paradox. Got to love this quote.

There are a few examples for you. The word itself actually doesn’t mean much. We like to use it because it makes these quotes seem meaningful. If you have something to say, but you realise that it’s a bit obvious or just stupid, go ahead and throw a few “perfections” in there. It will make your quote sound smart to everyone! They will share it on their Facebook wall. Frame pictures with it. Title books after it and possibly even make it their Twitter bio.

Here is an example:

“Life is annoying” becomes “Life is perfectly annoying” or “Life is annoyingly perfect”

Look what a difference all these perfections made. Just make sure to not put too much perfection in there. That’s a mistake.

Follow this blog and social media pages to receive a box of 10 perfections to share with your family and friends. Make sure to not keep them all to yourself. That’s too much perfection… which is a mistake.


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