Weightlifting… No! Let’s Talk About Words

I was going to take this Sunday off, but it turns out that I write every day. Sunday has the word “day” in it so I have to write something. Have you ever noticed that? All the days of the week have the word “day” in them. Funny, how you notice these things sometimes despite having used the words for years.

It’s actually a bit mysterious. Almost like there is someone out there that just doesn’t want people to find these things out.

For example “thankful” is like being full of thank. Or “grateful” is being full of grate.

“How are you?”

“I’m full of grate, thank you”

“I’m full of thank now”

There is more of these word mysteries too. For example teen numbers. Between 12 and 20. They all end with “teen” which sounds like New Zealand(ish?) people saying “ten”. So really nineteen is “nineten”. 9+10 is 19. And that’s how the word works. This is why historians know that numbers originate from New Zealand. Totally not a made up fact. It is made up, don’t actually believe it :/

To the average person, spotting these random patterns in vocabulary is a bit of a lame and shitty activity. What people don’t realise is that deep inside the society there are individuals who have the ability to get very excited over these things. I fit right in that category. I’ve spotted 4 things over the duration of this post. Sounds trivial, but that’s my day made. In fact no, I’ll be buzzing for the whole week.

I mentioned that it feels like someone out there just doesn’t want these word patterns exposed. This is to prevent people like me from living exciting lives. Nobody really knows who this person is, but many suspect that it is actually Pamela Anderson. If not for her, people would be a lot more excited.

And there you go. That’s how easy it is to get completely sidetracked. Did you know this post was originally going to be about weight lifting? It would have been good if not for the fact that all days of the week have the word “day”.

And that’s all I have to say today.

Follow the blog and social media pages to fill me with a lot of grate and thank.


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