How To Start A Business?

Stop what you’re doing! I’ve just realised something! You know how all businesses are based on some sort of a great service or product? That’s how you get rich… Come up with an idea and sell this idea to people, but what about this strategy:

Banks! A bank makes money because it is already is rich. That’s the idea. It’s rich and that lets it get richer. Banks give out loans, they literally give people money and make them pay more back. Sounds a bit silly if you think about it. It gets better. Banks also take people’s money. You see, you can always give the bank your money and make it pay you back when you want to. So really, you give the bank a loan so that it can give other people loans. The money is made on the interests. The bank’s loan to you is more expensive than your loan to the bank.

The whole thing feels stupid. When you give them your money, they pay you back a little more. When they give you their money, you pack back more than a little more. It’s a vicious circle in which you are slowly getting ripped off.

That’s what their business operates on. It works by charging you for your, or someone else’s, money. So theoretically, we could just cut out the middle man and give people personal loans to profit ourselves. We would be able to lower the interest rates and make more money for ourselves. All this while still making loans cheaper than they currently are.

This new theory of banking could be the new thing. If we do this, think of the gains! Who cares about the odd economic collapse?! The banks caused the last recession, it’s our turn to cause one…

Who’s with me?


flickr photo by Falcon_33 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


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