Wake Up!

Here is a thought! What if your entire life has been just a dream? You will wake up in some hospital or home, surrounded by strangers. It turns out that your entire life has been a coma! You were in a coma at birth and the years you think you have spent living were all a dream in that coma.

What would you do? It would be an incredibly shitty thing to wake up into. I would be 18. I would have no life, no friends. I wouldn’t know what food I liked or what sports I was into. No skills also.

All this is assuming that the world looks the way it does in the dream. Which it might not. For all we know, there could be no cars or planes. It’s possible that people look completely different. Humus might not have been invented yet and nobody has even heard of “dank memes”. At the same time, there would be no Donald Trump, Hitler, Katie Hopkins, Frodo Baggins or Michael Bay.

The world outside is completely different to anything you see around here. Waking up is the ultimate fresh start. You would have to start entirely from scratch. What would you do if you could have another go at living?

I figured this would be an interesting thing to explore. What would you do differently if you were to start from the beginning? To be honest, I think I would write a book about my dream. Hopefully, the outside world is completely different so the dream seems really weird to the people who were never in this coma. That way the book will get a lot of fans and I will make some real fat stacks.

The problem with this plan is that I would not be able to read or write and wouldn’t even know the language that the real world spoke. So really my plan rests on the existence of books or films and language. Probably not worth waking up then. It’s too high a risk to take. I would be ok with being a rich potato, but not just a potato. Best to keep on dreaming…


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