Re: Tweets About Alton Sterling

A really shitty thing happened today. We already know what it was. Alton Sterling got shot for… well tbh nobody really knows why he was shot. People say that it’s because he carried a gun, but I always thought that was legal in the US… Makes me think that maybe it’s because he was black. Anyway, here is my attempt at addressing the issue without being disrespectful. This proved to be more difficult than you might expect.

Before we continue, I should assure you that this post is not aimed at ridiculing the event or any victims of it. In fact, this is the 2nd version of the post. I rewrote it to make sure I wasn’t being a dick to the wrong people.

As usual, when these things happen, people turn their attention to social media. Looking at the #Alton Sterling feed on Twitter. Generally, I don’t directly rip into people on here. That is unless they do something absolutely stupid or just disrespectful. In those cases, I think it’s allowed. I figured I might try to discuss some of the anti-Alton Sterling tweets.

Not too much I can say about this one. Sometimes people are too stupid to comment on. Everyone is full on fucked off about the fact that a man was executed. But not Easy2X.

Easy2X is also not happy today, except he is upset because he wanted it to be a different victim. No worry Easy2X, there is always next week… The police will just wait for things to cool down and then go right back to their brutality… I wonder what he would tweet if his dad got shot. Would he be disappointed because his mum’s still alive… I don’t know… *facepalm*

Fair enough. Some people are for death penalty… But common? Really? I thought the state’s authority to take life is the whole reason why this happened. If the US authorities did not have the right to kill people, the police wouldn’t have guns. How exactly is killing the cops going to stop people getting killed. I’m sure the US justice system would do its usual magic. The black cops would get executed and the white cops would get an “official warning”. Taking lives should be Forbidden. People are too unreliable and biased to deliver justice through murder.

Right! Sure! I’m guess everyone is wrong. Those 2 policemen knew Alton’s history and from that it was apparent that he deserved to die… makes sense. They also know about the history of every other black man that’s going to get randomly shot. Turns out Alton Sterling was a criminal… let’s see. So it from here we see that Alton was a registered sex offender and spent 5 years for being caught with some weed. That must be it then.. He’s clearly guilty… Good thing they shot him! He used to have weed! That’s outrageous! Weed is so bad! It’s not like every 2nd 17-year-old is smoking half as much as Snoop Dogg. Should we shoot them also? No! We can’t do that! Some of them are white…

And let’s face it. Even if Alton Sterling ate orphans for a living, the police had no right to just shoot him. What happened to the whole “innocent until proven guilty”? The problem doesn’t lie in whether he deserved to die. That’s not really up to us. The problem is the fact that he was shot while being held down on the ground and not posing any threat to the police.

Curious how they will excuse this killing… What threat did he actually pose? I don’t know… I guess he was still armed with the English language… a lethal weapon.

Don’t know what there is to say really. Social media is great for sharing opinions. No matter how much of an idiot someone can be, they can always log on and post some steaming shit. Surprises me how outright cruel some of these people can be.

Imagine if it were you who was killed like that… Imagine if you were that 15 year son who broke down on TV… Fucking hell.

Even though there is not much that anyone can do for Alton at this point, we do have the ability to help out his family. The petition is run by a well known acctress.

God bless America! Land of the free… or some bullshit like that.


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