How To Be The Boss/OG?

You know how people have shows they watch and they recommend them to you. You then politely say that you might check them out, but you’re not excited about committing hours of your time to another show. A few months later, everyone is watching it and you have missed out on the opportunity to be part of “the gang”.

These problems emerge from our inaccurate perception of what shows are. Let me portray this with an example. Netflix just realised a show called “Spotless”. This show has an unusual plot and an experienced watcher like me will consider it a show with “potential”. You see watching shows is not about enjoyment or satisfaction. Watching show is about trying to become the kid who “watched it before it was cool”.

Time is money and shows are companies. People with a lot of time invest it just like rich people invest their money. You can invest money into a company hoping for a profit. Or you can invest time into a show hoping for the show to boost your social status in any conversation. That’s right! People think money is influence and power, but really it’s all about shows.

If you can show people that you have watched a show longer than they have, you will instantly receive the “boss” status. Once you are the boss all the chicks are yours. All the people like you and all the flavours are yours to call in. There is no better thing than being “the boss”.

Since I care about all of you, I will reveal to you the secret to being a boss. Once you have your show and it gets popular, someone will bring it up. At this point, the door of opportunity is open to you! Simply make a reference such as “do you remember when the first season came out?”. All of sudden, you are the guru when it comes to the show. The word now knows that you watched it before it was cool which makes you are a “boss”. That’s all there is to it.

So now that you have all this knowledge, feel free to start investing into shows. But remember… I am the original boss… “I am the OG and will be respected as such.”


Kanye is also an OG… Like me…


Don’t forget to follow the blog. When this blog gets famous you can use it become a boss… It’s a worthy investment. Trust me 😉


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