Do You Even Fly M8?

I’m back home. I was away for 3 weeks. This is probably apparent from the lack of posts… There is a strange feeling that follows… isn’t there? Like all of a sudden nothing has changed. Except yourself.

I left this place just like it is now. I’ve lived for 3 weeks, but this room has been stuck in time. Almost like I’ve never left at all… or slept for 3 weeks. This room (and yes, they are self-conscious), probably thinks I’ve just sat still for 3 weeks and done absolutely nothing. Hmm. Now that I think about it, there might be something in that.

You see the only evidence of my holiday that I really have is my memory of it. That and some packed bags. So what if it was just a dream. I just checked the time and date… It wasn’t a dream. I was really out for 3 weeks. But was I on holiday? What if I wasn’t.

What if nobody ever actually goes on holiday? Imagine if they let in some special gas into the plane and you fall asleep. Then, they take you out of the plane. Put different clothes on you. Possibly compare muscles (and underwear). And then they inject you with a special liquid that makes you have a very specific dream! After that they simply put you on another plane, you wake up and feel like it’s landed back home.

Damn it… No injection marks on me… They’ve covered even that up…

To be honest, you can’t really trust Ryanair. They’ve already tried to have paid toilets. Think how much money they could save by not having the plane take off at all. Just saying. It’s a capitalist world out there.

Sure, you can say that you couldn’t have made the friends or had the interactions if it was all a dream. But they could go pretty far to make the dream seem like a reality. For example, they’ve sunburnt me…

This is great really! This means that the sunburn or any other mistake that I made on that holiday was not my fault! It was engineered by the dream makers… What a way to live a guilt-free life!


flickr photo by shrinkin’violet shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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