The Very Real, Imaginary People…

Had a busy 10 days. A couple of friends come over from Poland and I was spending my time with them instead of you. A bit of a dick move, but you can’t really complain. The friends were real. Most of my readers don’t really exist so it makes sense that they are not prioritised 😀

This brings me onto some of the things that we think are real… Things that we know aren’t actually real, but we pretend that they are. For example, I’m writing a blog that doesn’t get an awful amount of readers. This sounds sad, but I don’t mind it anymore. I just imagine that someone is reading it and everything is fine. This is not a joke, I actually do this. It’s also not sad. It’s actually a bit of a happy thought.

You do this also when you do something that violates the social rules or is simply illegal. The obvious come to mind… Scratching your private places, smelling yourself, biting your nails, picking your nose, stealing ice cream from a disabled child or just assaulting the elderly. There is always that little feeling you get. You might not have noticed it, but it is there. Or I might have imagined it (since I already imagine my readers). The feeling comes from being scared that someone is looking at you. In fact, it usually feels like there is someone looking at you. Like there is someone hidden somewhere. It could be a child in the nearby bush. It could be a CCTV camera or a satellite. Well… I’ve started to believe that those hidden people are the same as the ones who read my blog…

The same happens when you are dancing in a club. Only if you are as socially paranoid as me. Don’t get me wrong. I like dancing and if I am in the proper mindset then I even love it. But no matter how many brain cells I drown in ethanol, I still think like there is someone somewhere that is watching me struggle. They can see that I’m out of beat and I’m copying my friends… Those people are also usually not real.

So that’s about it. I don’t know what you can take from all this. I guess just remember that sometimes people aren’t real… and that it’s not always a bad thing.

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flickr photo by theglobalpanorama shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license



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