How To Use Pictures On Blogs?

Whoop! Done! Here is what’s been happening… You don’t know it, but you’ve actually been witnessing a crime taking place with all the pictures I use. Fortunately, life is good now, we’re back on the good side of the force and I can finally sleep! Here is a rundown of what’s been happening…

I’ve not been entirely honest with you. You knew I’m a person and I write a blog. But I never actually told you that I’m only a person sometimes. The remainder of the time I’m like a potato. That’s right. A plain potato. Average sized potato. A bit too big to be not cut before putting into a potato salad. At the same time a bit too small to be a baked potato.


This is the sort of potato we are talking about here.


Potatoes don’t know a lot of things and I never knew how the law works when it comes to using people’s images on the internet.

In my potato brain, packed with FTC and new to a lot of things, I believed that I could use any picture from the internet as long as I posted the link to where I got it from. Makes sense! Right? By putting a link you refer people back to the author and so do a bit of free marketing for them. They can’t complain!

As it turns out, they can complain! They can also sue and do all sorts of legal shit to fuck with you. I’ve not been sued by anyone. I just found this out by accident and it meant that I had to change all the pictures on the blog. Just for the record, that’s like 85 posts and almost all of them have images. Not to even mention the posts that I haven’t published yet. The ones which are waiting for the “dark times”.

It was a fucking pain. An emotional and physical journey! Fighting hard against RSI and insanity. But I made it! I’ve just finished and I’m writing this post to completely kill off my hands. The process took a day (with a lot of breaks…)! I couldn’t party that long (second thought… jager bombs…) and here I was, doing a boring and repetitive task!

Basically, I had to go on every post, remove the gif or picture already there. Then you have to find a picture with a reusable licence. This means that you can post it on your blog legally. Generally, you have to give a source also… and yeah! It’s a fucking pain. But here is my advice to anyone else in my situation (and I know that’s a lot of people):

Use Flickr! They have a licence filter you can use. Then I used this to automatically generate the source that I have to put in the post. It sped up the process. Otherwise, the ordeal would have taken years and I probably wouldn’t have survived without some sort of PTSD or something.

On the bright side, I’ve found this out now and not in a year. Also, the blog looks nicer cause I figured out how to add pictures to the main page. And also the pictures look a lot better than the ones I previously used. And I can produce the pillar content for people to stumble upon. Now that I think about, this was a good thing really. No pain no gain!

Now for the sources:


flickr photo by shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

flickr photo by LoopZilla shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license



11 thoughts on “How To Use Pictures On Blogs?

    • Hahahah! Whoooah!!! Right in the feels! But yeah, I’ll give it to you. That potato looks an awful lot like a turd πŸ˜€

      Besides, I’m a criminal now, got to get used to a little bit of verbal slaughter πŸ˜€


    • I also recommend you upload your pictures to Flickr under a creative commons license. I know a lot of bloggers get images from there so you might gain even more exposure.


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