The Circular Thing Vs Your Cells

As a little kid, I would always walk up to my dad and ask if I can try his beer. This meant he would give me the massive pint glass and I would be allowed a tiny sip. After I swallowed the tiny amount I would always say that I don’t like it. After that, I would go back to my friends and pretend that I’m drunk. 14 years later and the story is completely different. I like a good beer now. In fact, I like some shit beers also… What changed?

I’ve already written 3 posts today so that’s where I will leave it. I’ll finish this off some day… Since I keep posts for later you’ll never know which 3 posts I wrote and when. Such mystery! BTW it’s 24/8/16 today… It’s almost midnight and now it’s time for me to waste away watching YouTube till I can’t stay up anymore.

Okay, time to finish it… What changed? See I’m not the only one. All kids hate alcohol. Then they grow up and get absolutely trashed on their 18th, drinking the same stuff they never liked.

Maybe it’s the social pressure? For some reason, we feel obligated to get fucked up. Surely that’s not it. For example, I drink vodka out of obligation. I still think it tastes like shit. But beers and wines are tasty.

If it’s not social pressure then it must be the way we taste things. Kids like sweet things. They practically live off sugar. Adults don’t, we don’t have as high a sugar obsession. Maybe that’s why we like beers and wines.

That’s not what I think it is. Here is an idea… You know how your cells die and get replaced by new ones? This happens so often that people say you are made out of completely different cells after 7 years (or was it 4?). What if the alcohol thing is to do with the cells.

But the new cells are supposed to replicate the ones that they are replacing…

What if someone is fucking with the system? What if the alcohol companies have put their heads together and created this circular thing. It’s a man-sized circular thing that makes mechanical noises and it’s also top secret. The purpose of this thing is to be mysterious.

Leaked images of the circular thing

At the same time, there is another one just like it somewhere else. The first one was a decoy. The second one is the actual thing. It sends out pulse waves that modify the new cells to make the new cells like a bit of booze.

They are basically using a circular thing to fuck with our cells and make them alcoholic cells…

It’s just a thought really, but what if it’s real… For all we know, it could be. This sort of stuff has happened before… got to keep your eyes open…

Anyway, I’m too far gone to fix… bottoms up!


flickr photo by quinn.anya shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

flickr photo by Zemlinki! shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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