Did Zeitgeist Shit On You?

Today I want to talk about when people shit on you. One, specific type of shitting on other people really annoys me and needs to be addressed. Other types of shitting are also bad, but I can tolerate them for now… It’s just this type that needs sorting in the current moment. Here is the back story:

A few days ago I watched a film called Zeitgeist. The film talks about some awesome conspiracy theories and presents them with a lot of facts to support them. Not going to lie, it is convincing. There is a religion part that outlines why all religions essentially follow the same pattern in terms of what they believe in. The film tells you that this is to control people. You are also shown how 9-11 was executed by the government and how the banks control the governments and make money on wars.

Zeitgeist confirmed…

Great film in terms of being fucked up after. I believed everything they told me (because of all the evidence) and I lived in a constant state of “on the edge” for the next few days. As far as I was aware, the government was in everything. The government was my phone, the air, it was in my food and the banks. I started spending extortionate amounts of time reading about Snowden and that’s when it came to me to actually see what other people in my situation (Zeitgeist survivors) are thinking. I stumbled upon a website which analysed the claims in the film. That’s when I found out that I’m a bit of an idiot cookie.

The film is entirely false. Most of the facts in it are unsupported or just plainly made up. I spent the night reading that website and that’s when I realised that I’ve been shat on.

The film manipulates you. The author knows that most people are just on Netflix because they are trying to conceal their desperation. These types of people aren’t going to research the claims made by the films. They will just swallow all the shit and believe the conspiracies.

It’s a very offensive film because it attempts to manipulate the masses into a state of fear. It does it really well because only a small percentage of people will actually research it after.

And that’s about it really. There is no moral to the story except for “don’t shit on people” and “don’t get shat on”… As far as the conspiracy theories go, I still don’t know. Can jet fuel melt steel beams? Or can it not?

Here is the website that analyses the claims made by Zeitgeist: http://skepticproject.com/articles/zeitgeist/


Flickr photo by pavlovskyy https://flickr.com/photos/pavlovskyy/4248714819 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Flickr photo by MSVG https://flickr.com/photos/msvg/4610136349 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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