How To Use Word Vibes

I’ve been tasked with the word Slog today. A part of me wishes that it was “slug”. Having “slug” as a word would yield some very interesting posts. Sadly it’s slog. It could have been a typo or someone just misspelt “slug”. Either way, we’re stuck with it now and there is not much I can do at this point.

Slog is a downbeat word. Downbeat words are just like all other words, except for the fact that they carry a downbeat vibe. Words have vibes. Some words have happy vibes, some have sad vibes. This goes on for every vibe there is. Every vibe can be contained in some sort of word.

Slog contains the “cba” vibe with hints of the “lame” vibe.

This is where we are faced with a choice. Talking about word vibes is important… Talking about the word slog isn’t. I think the choice is pretty clear at this stage…

The reason why most people don’t worry about word vibes is because they know that the extend of this field is a bit too much for them. A true professional, however, will tell you that with enough time and practice, anything can be mastered.


Sure, you could keep on living your life not worrying about word vibes. The thing is, when you look at some famous people who didn’t worry about word vibes, you will realise that you probably do want to worry about them. Here are a few famous people who have publicly denounced word vibes:

  • Katie Hopkins
  • Jim Chapman
  • Trump
  • Boris Johnson
  • Nigel
  • Henry
  • and of course Satan

You don’t want to be like any of these people. This is why you should start worrying about word vibes. I know is a bit of slob, but it’s important. From now on please make sure that you choose your words appropriately to match the right vibes…

If you can do this correctly, you will notice an incredible increase in the amount of friends you have. At the same time, you will have the ability to attract members of both the same, and the opposite, sex to your person. That’s just the beginning.

Other benefits include an immunity to certain infections such as syphilis and of course the ability to grow a 6th toe.

What more could you want…

The reason why I am telling you all this is because I look after your interests. So please, pay attention to word vibes.

Here is a practice exercise to get every started… What word vibes are carried by the word “gender-confusion”?


Flickr photo by miguelb shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Flickr photo by RobertG NL shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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