Things That You Secretly Do

Cards on the table everyone. Let’s talk about the things that no one ever admits to. There are certain things that we do with our minds on a daily basis. Each and every one of us does them, but we never openly admit to it… That’s because we think we are the only ones. Time’s up sunshine! Let me tell you what you have been doing all your life.

There are quite a few things so I’m going to resort to bullet points:

  • Trying to move things. When you watch Star Wars or Harry Potter, something inside you changes… You know perfectly well that those films are fictional, but your brain still considers the existence of magic a possibility. A part of you realises that it would be cool to move shit with your mind. This is when you try to do it. We’ve all done it at some point. Some people commit more, some commit less. On multiple occasions, I’ve gone as far as reaching out with my hand to use “the force”. As you can expect, no luck. It never works. I guess I’m a muggle…
  •  Trying to read minds. This includes trying to read people in general. I bet you’ve tried to read someone’s mind at some point. Probably on a train or a bus, that’s the ideal location for it. You have nothing to do so you occupy yourself with unrealistic and far-fetched ideas.
  • Trying to cut things with your eyes. You’re on a fast moving train and your eyes skip back and forth as things outside pass by at lightning speed. This is where it happens. “What if your eyes were lasers?”. You imagine yourself cutting down trees and signs with 2 high power lasers coming out of your eyes. The devastation is severe… except only in your mind.
Animals try and do mind stuff also…
  • Thinking you’re in a film. How many times did you find yourself walking down a street listening to a top-notch song? It’s a great feeling, usually accompanied by thinking about a film that would be all about you. You imagine that in the future you do something awesome and people end up making a film about you. You decide that this song would come on during one of the transition scenes. This is the point at which you play the scene over and over in your head until you get distracted by your laser eyes.

The list goes on… Why do we do these? The answer is simple. It’s because we are actually secretly kids. Everyone is just too scared to admit that deep inside they only just found out that ATMs don’t print money.

Inside everyone’s brain there is a little hippy, and all the hippy does is think about creative things. The more you oppress the hippy with being “grown up” the more fiercely the hippy will fight back.

A part of me is scared that no one actually does any of this. If so, as soon as I press “publish” everyone will realise that deep inside, I’m a self-centred, wannabe magician with a destructive personality…


flickr photo by DeveionPhotography shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

flickr photo by Mike Knell shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


10 thoughts on “Things That You Secretly Do

  1. I’ve done all of these things except for the laser eyes. That one’s interesting. Another thing I do, which is kind of like the “pretending you’re in a movie thing” is pretend I’m part of a spy situation. I’ll walk around town looking for people that look out of place, kind of like Jason Bourne, and think to myself that I have some secret motive or mission that no one around is aware of except for the aforementioned out-of-place people. If nothing else, it provides a little swagger to my step and an interesting kick to my attitude for the rest of the day.

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    • Hahah! Thank you for the input. I admit, I’ve been a secret agent before also. I never thought that others do it also though 😀

      As for the laser eyes, I strongly recommend it. It can make even the most boring of journeys interesting.


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