I’ve Won An Award (ish)!

So guys… It’s been a few months. I think I’ve written around a hundred posts now. I’ve also developed early symptoms of the impostor syndrome and learned how to spell some more words (like “finish”, turns out only has 1 n). But I guess I was doing something right because today I’ve been nominated for a blogging award! Whoo!

The way these things work is that someone nominates your blog and you have to write a post about how you were nominated and nominate some more people. So it’s not really an award. It’s more of a shoutout. But we will call it an award because my self-esteem likes it that way. And I like my self-esteem.

Anyway, the person nominated me is the Bilingual Vegetable who writes a blog called Ramblings Of A Bored Teenager (this is the link to the nomination). I read the blog and I’m a very cool person so you’ll want to read it too if you want to be as cool as me. Head over to their blog to read the posts and find our whether they really are a vegetable and if so, what type of vegetable… The mystery…

Here is what I am tasked with for this post:

  1. Write a post to show the award (tick)
  2. Give a brief story about how your blog started
  3. Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
  4. Write about the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  5. Select a few other blogs you want to give the award to

Let’s do it!

How all this started

In the first year of uni I lived with 2 other people and made some friends. They liked the way I sometimes rambled on about things and told me that they would pay to hear some of the stuff I come up with. That got me thinking… If I charged just £1, I could probably make £20 a week which would almost cover my food costs. Sadly I concluded that they probably only said it to be nice. But I wanted to be sure so I started this blog to see if I really am funny… That was a few months ago. So there you have it. The whole blog came into existence because my friends thought I was funny. However you look at it, I might be a star one day, and you’ll all be able to say “I was reading his stuff before he was cool”.

This sheep is here to keep you interested…


So I’ve done this for a few months which means that I don’t know any more about this than I do about breastfeeding. And I don’t even have breasts…

But I did have some blogs earlier on when I was an angsty teenager and thought that people would give me attention. I’ve never kept those blogs for more than a few weeks.

Still, I do have some advice:

  1. Don’t stop. If you enjoy writing whatever it is that you write then you shouldn’t stop. I’ve been very close to deleting this blog on multiple occasions. I had periods where I thought that nobody would ever read it or like it (periods of time, not the bloody type. I’m a male). Periods like that come from time to time and they always will (just like the bloody ones). It’s a time that can only be described as “being a pathetic little shit”. It’s important to remember that fact and not make any impulsive decisions about deleting blogs or jumping off high places.
  2. Don’t worry about readership. People always worry about who reads their blogs. You will at some point google “how to bring traffic to my blog”. At that point, you’ll read articles by SEO artists who make money preying on people who want exposure. You’ll get told to do social media, to use SEO titles and generally to prostitute every aspect of enjoyment from blogging to get 10 extra people to read a post. It’s a waste of time. It doesn’t work. There are no proven steps and no matter how much you spend on an SEO book, it will still be filled with complete bullshit. Google is designed to send people to sites that have the things that people look for. If you consistently put effort into your blog, you will eventually get found by people. No amount of SEO shortcuts and networking strategies will change how Google works (and how it doesn’t). My advice is to use your time on writing posts and reading (and commenting on) other people’s blogs.

Also remember to not steal images… I’ve already written about why that’s a bad idea.


Sanguis Bootymus – Writes in a similar style to me and deserves more recognition

Ah Dad – Funny posts about being a dad. I’m not a dad, but one day I might be… got to be prepared…

The Bloggess – She already gets quite a lot of recognition (Wikipedia page! What?!), but I like her posts so…

Beach Thoughts – He writes about his thoughts when walking his dog. Some are funny, some are just interesting. Worth reading!


flickr photo by Brad.K https://flickr.com/photos/stopbits/3777015632 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

flickr photo by Lennart Tange https://flickr.com/photos/lennartt/7624472872 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license



9 thoughts on “I’ve Won An Award (ish)!

  1. Dude, no mystery. I’m an onion. Cos if you cut me, I’ll make you cry. And well, I’m just repeating myself, you are damn funny and I’m eagerly awaiting more posts. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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