How To Handle The Weather

The next 500 words contain some life lessons for you… I haven’t written them yet, but I’m about 95.78% sure that you’ll be a better person by the end of this post. A few days ago I covered the scientific reasons for why you should not get up early. We all know that this is not always possible. So today, I have something to add. (You don’t need to read the previous post to be fucked up by this one)

It’s no longer summer. Instead, it’s some sort of transition period. So far, not much has changed…

That is except for one thing…

Generally, when forced to get up in the morning, I wake up to a pretty clear sky. Not 100% clear, but probably a little over 50%… Now, however, I’m noticing increasing amounts of clouds… I don’t generally stick around for a long time. Something in my brain decides that the lecture is probably cancelled anyway, so I go back to bed… but I’m up long enough to notice this change.

This change forecasts another, more extreme change. Currently, it’s cloudy. And while waking up to clouds makes you feel like crying, the upcoming change makes you want to skip the crying part and move straight onto planning your jump…

Soon these clouds will start to leak and I will spend my mornings fighting gusts and horizontal rain… This is coming. I can’t stop it.

To be honest, that’s probably going to be the period of time over which I give up on uni and become a drug dealer… Or a stripper. I often feel like my hips, just like Shakira’s, have great career opportunities.


Walking under these clouds forces me to wear both a hoodie and a jacket. This makes me heavier, and it makes me hate people (and everything else). The problem is already severe. My career as a stripper is in jeopardy… Nobody likes a pissed-off stripper.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this problem… Well, used to…

I have since found a solution!

I was walking to a morning lecture. It was cold, windy and the lecture was probably going to be a waste of time… Morale was low, hangover high.  Alternative life prospects were tempting and my lack of perspective was wondering if this is how African kids feel when they have to carry water… Turns out they feel worse.

That’s when I saw her. When I looked up exposing my nose to the ice-cold wind, I saw my salvation. She was standing next to the road with a sign in her hand. The sign had numbers written on it… In that instant, it became clear!

The solution to your problem is right there, on your daily commute! Open your eyes!

The way forward is to become like someone who handles these weather conditions all day, every day!

The way forward is to become more like a bus stop!


The new you!



Flickr photo by NOAA Photo Library shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Flickr photo by KNOW MALTA by Peter Grima shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Flickr photo by kevin dooley shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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