I’m A Busy Human (Bees Are Endangered)

I’ve been busy. It turns out that when people say “2nd year is busier” they really mean that 2nd year is busier. Who knew… I spent the first year telling myself that people always say next year will be busy… Turns out that they say it for a reason. Otherwise, they wouldn’t. 2nd year is busier than 1st year. I often say it’s twice as bad, but there have definitely been days when it was even worse…

After I say that it’s twice as bad, I say “I signed up for it. My fault. Shouldn’t complain”. This gets laughs… Hopefully, you laughed… If you didn’t… well. You are dead to me… If I had pictures of you all over my walls, I would be in fury right now; tearing them all down.

The busyness of this year gets worse…

A few weeks ago I decided to start eating properly. Bad dieting and skipping meals made me look a little bit like an undercooked pizza. Tesco Value pizza.

I looked a bit like this Tesco Value pizza…

When making such changes, one needs to get a new app. I settled for Yummly. I also changed my phone and computer background to sailing boats. It helped to amplify the feeling of a “new start”.

The charm of all this started wearing off at precisely the moment I started to scroll through the Yummly recipes. They all have pretty pictures of delicious meals that turn out a lot less pretty and a lot less delicious. It makes you more busy because a simple meal such as “mushroom and broccoli risotto” takes significantly more time to make than my usual “toasted bread”. Luckily, the meals are very good. I’m more of a “Dominoes Pizza” now. The previously mentioned risotto even managed to get a sound out of me. It was a sort of “mmmm” so I gave it 5 stars on the app. The toasted bread would only receive reactions such as “fuck this”.

Worse still…

Recently my flatmate bought a flatscreen TV. The TV itself is not a threat, the real problem is right under it. It’s a PS4 with a game called Just Cause 3. This game is perfectly engineered for people like me. There is a lot you can do in it. Because of the amount of things you can do, people like me spend hours doing absolutely nothing… I like it, but it hurts…

Then there is my job which takes up a little bit of time. I teach maths to people in school. This is good because I have to actually learn it before I can teach it. My brain is happy. Malnourished, but happy.

To top it off, it turns out that I have to sleep. Don’t know since when this is a thing. I frequently kill hours of time lying completely still in a bed.

And that’s about it… I hope you all enjoyed reading about somebody else’s problems… It’s not like the people you meet in day-to-day life all complain about being busy…


Flickr photo by Rolf Brecher https://flickr.com/photos/104249543@N07/18678824464 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Flickr photo by Bien Stephenson https://flickr.com/photos/benstephenson/27533356 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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