I Need One Of Those Magical Baskets

I live by myself now. This means that I have to do my own washing. As a kid, it was done for me. My world had this basket and if you threw dirty clothes in there, they would turn up clean within a few days… How this occurred remains a mystery, but I imagine it has something to do with the superposition of particles in quantum physics.

Now my world is different, I share a flat with 3 other students… We have a washing machine, but no basket! There is no basket to put clothes in and because of this I am currently sitting next to a giant pile of clothes. See I imagine the clothes have to end up in the machine at some point of their existence, but I imagine that the “in the basket” state is a requirement for them to turn out clean… This is why I do not want to just put them straight in the machine.

This is the sort of situation I have going on right now

People will tell you that I’m lazy, they will tell you that I cannot be bothered to wash these clothes. The real reason why the clothes are dirty is completely different. See, I’ve known these clothes for many years. I know what they are used to… My clothes are used to a very specific lifestyle… They expect to be worn, put in the basket and then cleaned… Because I am a kind human and not a merciless monster, I want to do my best for these clothes. This is why they are still dirty… There is simply no basket to put them in…

And yes, I’ve tried to supplement the basket with bags, drawers etc. Every time I did that the clothes complained. They said I need to put them in a basket…

This is why they are still dirty. You and everyone else need to stop calling me lazy… I’m not lazy, I don’t procrastinate. The reason why I am writing this right now is because I need to spread the importance of the basket. It is not because I’m procrastinating doing the washing.

So as I was saying, I need one of those magical baskets… How else will the clothes become cleaned?

The thing with these magical baskets is that there is a bit more to them than meets the eye. If I go to a shop and buy a basket and put my clothes in it, they will not be cleaned… The basket is just one component of a very delicate and complex system that transforms dirty clothes into clean ones. A similar device is at play when it comes to washing dishes…

My problem is not the lack of the basket. I could buy one right now… My problem is the fact that even if I bought a basket, I would not be able to assemble the rest of this magical system…

That’s my problem.



Flickr photo by annieb https://flickr.com/photos/eannieb/5103878185 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Flickr photo by Magnus D https://flickr.com/photos/magnus_d/5193461440 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


4 thoughts on “I Need One Of Those Magical Baskets

  1. Actually you need two baskets. One to put dirty clothes in ( this is not the basket from the picture above) and one to take out wet clothes from the washing machine and carry them to the place where they can dry off( that’s the one from the picture)😉 My friend with OCD has two baskets only for dirty clothes so whites do not get mixed with colours😊 There are no easy ways to sort it out😉

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    • Hahah. You must be right. I admit, I’m not too informed about the magical secrets of washing. I’m merely a noob. Your input really opened my eyes when it comes to the secrets of the trade 😀


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