Save Your Brain Knees With Denial

It’s been a while. Probably just over a week. Guilty… I’m sure you’ve missed the frequent escape into insanity as much as I’ve missed writing. Make of that what you will 😛 Anyway, the good thing about this period of time is the fact that nothing really happened. It’s not like anyone got elected or anything… Can’t write about nothing. Sweet denial.

If you follow my blog, you will have noticed the occasional digs I make at my fitness. The life of fitness is not a life I lead. I live right by a pool and never go. I used to do a lot of sports when uni started, all that stopped.

I seem to have genetically inherited the “looks ok” gene. No matter how shit I am at life, I look relatively healthy… You might not believe me, but a few weeks ago someone actually pointed out that I do not deserve my muscle. Hard thing to admit.

The “looks ok” gene…

This got me thinking about how active I am. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely inactive (denial kicks in again). I go to uni and sail on some weekends. It’s not enough, but it’s something.

Inclined to start swimming at the local pool. I used to swim a fuck load when I was little. The problem is that we are talking about buying a pool membership and going once a week… for the first week. Essentially, I’m tempted to make one of those new years resolutions.

The problem is that those resolutions can only be made over the new year. That way when the 7th passes and you have failed at absolutely everything you have tried to achieve, you just shrug, say “it was a new year thing” and carry on with old habits. All over the world, the gyms go back to being empty, the porn subscriptions return, the KFC profits skyrocket and drug dealers no longer work weekends.

If I were to make my resolution now, I wouldn’t be able to shrug my shoulders next week because it wasn’t a new year thing. My brain would fall knees deep into shit. Specifically, the “I failed” shit.

The conclusion is that if I get my membership now, I’ll have to keep swimming. I won’t have the option of quitting. Can’t risk my brain knees.

Some might say that’s a good thing. If that’s you then you clearly do not understand how resolutions work. The aim is not to change your life. The aim is to make you think you’ve changed something. We are talking about free gratification here. If I have to work for this gratification, it stops being worth it. Get me?

It is for that reason, that my verdict must be to continue with my usual lifestyle…

And this here is why you cannot change your life, if prone to a casual bit of denial…

“Stop overthinking things you fuck. Go for a swim!” That’s what I need to be told on a weekly basis.


flickr photo by ellyn. shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

flickr photo by Yukari* shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


3 thoughts on “Save Your Brain Knees With Denial

    • That’s what I need! Someone to force me into the pool. Self parenting is just not working out. At least not anymore than self-teaching, self-help and just about every other self-thing out there.

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