I Can Thrive In Bunkers

I have to apologize for my absence. A few months ago I read an article of things to NOT do when writing a blog. One of the things was to never apologize for not writing. I guess I broke that rule in the first sentence… Now that that’s done, we can only expect the worst. No doubt the next few months will a hectic few. Times riddled with terror and disaster. All because I wrote an apology just there… I would apologize for the havoc my apology will cause, but I fear that would break another rule and cause even more harm… Now that I’ve wasted 100 words on chatting pure shit, let’s talk about why songs get boring.

I’m not a song expert. In fact, I’m the opposite. Every song I ever hear is always because someone tells me to listen to it. Having said that, I am no caveman! I have Spotify and at least 4 playlists on it. Had to get that out there before I start writing this post.

Additionally, I wanted to say that I listen to music very often. I always have between 3 or 4 songs that I’m somewhat obsessed with. During the time, I listen to them I find myself thinking “That’s it! You have found the one song to rule them all. You will never get bored of this one”. The song goes on repeat, my friend’s music suggestions get ignored and I proceed to live in a secluded and remote world of just the one song on repeat. I’m not unhappy when in this state. In fact, I never feel like I want to listen to anything else.

Sadly, with life, something has to go to shit. This generally happens after I take a little break from music. Maybe a day or two. All of a sudden, the song gets boring. I no longer like it and I never want to hear it again… I realize that I have been fooled once again. Fooled by myself…

This maniacally-obsessive behavior spreads into other parts of my life also. Now that I live by myself I go through extensive food phases. I know of no other person who can spend a week eating vegetable korma, then move onto a week of eating tomato pasta… My flatmates alternate. I do not need too. I get cravings for a particular meal and that’s it. I will then religiously eat that meal until I get sick of it. Then I will move onto the next thing.

The conclusion is simple. I’m fucked up. I do not know why, but I’m starting to think that maybe this is something I should worry about. Maybe electrotherapy is what I need. It’s either that or a full lobotomy.

In a way this a good thing. Think about it. Now that I have apologized for not writing, we can expect a full-on nuclear war. Within weeks we will all be in bunkers having to eat the same meal over and over… While most people will be repulsed by this, it is actually an environment I could thrive in…


flickr photo by Yukari* https://flickr.com/photos/yukariryu/122530930 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license


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