My Big-Fish Concept

My flatmate bought Battlefield 1 for our flat PS4. Battlefield is a war game. You get to be a soldier fighting in a war and there are missions. You end up saving the world from what seemed like an inevitable disaster. These types of games have “checkpoints”. When you get past a difficult bit of the game you reach a “checkpoint” and the game automatically saves so that you can go back to the checkpoint later instead of having to redo the whole mission… Let’s talk about checkpoints.

As I was sitting and watching my flatmate win WWI, I was wondering how awesome it would be to have a checkpoint in real life…

You know how big fish in the industry sometimes talk about a concept and then a few years later something comes out… like… the hyperloop or something… I wanted to do this… I know that I’m more of a small fish, but if I ever become big then I know what I will talk about… so you can all start early.

I want a real checkpoint machine. I want it to be small and portable, maybe just an app. The machine will have 2 buttons. “checkpoint” button and a “restart” button. Whenever I want to save my game I’ll just press checkpoint and if I end up dying or simply fuck up, I can I just press the restart button and be transported back to my most recent checkpoint. Deal?

Picture of a woman being successful to encourage positive thinking/attitude regarding my concept.

Now that I think about it, I might accidentally pocket-press the “checkpoint” button before falling into a pool of lava which means I’ll just constantly respawn at the checkpoint only to burn to death… To tackle this I would like the device/app to have a checkpoint selection option. This would let the user choose a checkpoint before their most recent one and so avoid falling into lava… I realise this is a lot of to ask so it’s fine if this feature only becomes available in the later versions…

This wouldn’t be a real concept without some examples of where it may be useful:

  • Exams
  • Dates
  • Jumping over pools of lava
  • Voting in elections
  • Sex
  • Tripping up
  • Burning yourself with hot food
  • Realising that there is no toilet paper when it is already too late
  • Forgetting things/locking yourself out
  • Accidentally killing someone
  • Falling off things
  • Asking stupid questions
  • Chatting shit
  • Checking if it hurts when you squeeze
  • Getting confused and putting shower gel in your hair/shampoo on your body.
  • Deciding to brush your teeth in the shower and accidentally spitting the foam all over yourself

Those are just a few general cases where the device would be useful…

The last thing is to tell everyone who has the knowledge, to start working on it…

If you have the knowledge, start working on this. I ask only that I get sent a working version, you don’t have to pay me royalties or anything I don’t mind as long as I get one.

Thank You.


“Save” flickr photo by Images_of_Money shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

flickr photo by tinafranklindg shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


4 thoughts on “My Big-Fish Concept

  1. Simply brilliant. Then I could also stop emailing myself updated copies of everything because of my (hopefully) healthy distrust of any computer program to actually save it for me. Then again, this would just be another computer program attempting to save it for me. Nevertheless…I remember it from Nintendo games 15-20 years ago, and I’m going with “brilliant” due to nostalgia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the support. You raised an interesting point about trusting a machine… what if breaks and accidentally spawns the user in someone else’s check point… cannot trust it to save things correctly all the time…


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