The Library Types

It’s exam season and everyone is in the library. I’m part of everyone and so this post is being written on a £50 laptop I bought off Ebay and revived to be able to go the library. I don’t go because I’m more productive, I work fine at home. I generally just go because I want to be cool and the cool kids go to the library to revise.

Of course, the point of revising in the library isn’t about doing work here. It’s more about looking like you are doing work while leaving a subtle hint to the others that you are actually getting fuck-all done (like everyone else).

Look at this situation. From far away, it looks like I’m typing passionately(playing hard to get) on my keyboard, likely writing some essay or report. Upon closer inspection, one can notice that while I am busy typing, I really writing a voluntary post to an audience that’s mostly in India and can’t do shit if I don’t write this post.

Time to have a look around…

So around we have several characters worth discussing.

Almost directly in front of me is a guy wearing a snap back cap. Nothing wrong with a snap back cap except for the fact that this particular guy looks like he wanted to be a skater, but accidentally got obese and broke the skateboard. I’m not being reasonable. I don’t actually care about how he is dressed. I was talking to someone earlier and he gave me a look almost like I’ve just approved the North Dakota pipeline. There is therefore bad blood and I have the right to make fun of his shape. You might say “leave the guy alone, he’s probably busy and you disturbed him”. Take that the fuck back! You haven’t seen these people. Nobody is actually doing work. They all have Facebook open in the background. Sure, I might have disturbed him from stalking his friends on Facebook, but no serious work got interupted.

Best picture I could come up with given the context of the post 😛

This guy is a classic example of a library frequent. Another common type, though not within my current view is the gamer. For some reason, these people can take up a desk space for several hours and just play a computer game. I never see how this phenomenon begins, but I imagine they start revising and then get distracted. It’s not really OK. Often times there are no enough seats in the library for people who actually need to do work for their degrees and the “gamers” are quite literally a waste of space.

This follows onto the nappers. A few weeks ago a girl next to me pulled out a pillow and took a 20-minute nap resting her head on the desk. Fine! You work hard, you get tired! But you don’t need to take up a valuable workspace! Sleep on the floor. Duh!

There is also a group of people that I have no name for. They tend to dress up for the library like it’s a wedding. There is a certain amount of makeup you can equip for a day in the library before it just becomes a little fucked up. Same goes for wearing really fancy clothes. I think some people still think they are in a high school where you have to worry about school uniform and pretending to be someone else in order to gain social approval.


“Library” flickr photo by Stewart shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

“Broken Skateboard” flickr photo by Joe Shlabotnik shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


5 thoughts on “The Library Types

  1. Fun read, sounds like what I do when I people watch. Except most of mine is done on Facebook. That’s where most ideas for my blog come from, feel free to check it out if you’d like.

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